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Supercars Will Arrive In Greece En Mass To Break A Speed ​​Record

Greece is one of the world’s ideal vacation destinations. Millions of tourists visit the country, mainly in the summer months, but there are other cases and periods when the Mediterranean country becomes a pole of attraction for foreigners.

The Acropolis Rally is one of them, now held in September. Thousands of foreigners come to Greece to watch this great sporting event.

In addition to our national race that will be held again this year (as well as other events), 2023 holds new surprises for us, namely an event that will surely advertise Greece to the whole world.

According to News Auto, one of the most impressive supercars will come to Greece to achieve a speed record on a predetermined special route of almost 4 kilometers.

The record will be officially broken and the result, together with the images and video, will be noticed all over the world.

According to the program, the event will take place before Easter and a documentary will be made as an alternative promotion of Greece.

The moves have been made and what the organizers are waiting for is to sign the relevant permits so that they can proceed with the official announcement.

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