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15 Bonkers Details of Hitler’s Wedding

13 He couldn’t keep her out of the bunker

(Adam Jones/Wikimedia Commons)

As things were looking increasingly bad for Germany and Hitler retreated to his bunker, he warned Braun to stay away, but she showed up anyway and refused to leave even after he officially ordered her to. Hitler didn’t usually tolerate defiance so well, but he not only relented, giving her a personal bedroom in the bunker (several doors down from his, but we don’t have time to get into that), he decided to reward Braun, as he told his right-hand man Joseph Goebbels and secretary Getrude Junge, by finally giving in to her marital demands. He was about to die anyway, so what the hell, right?

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12 The Officiant Was a Fish Out of Water

Goebbels took up the role of wedding planner, summoning a lawyer he knew named Walter Wagner to officiate the ceremony. Wagner was 100% Nazi, but he was also a nobody who had only joined the war effort less than a year earlier, never met Hitler before, and barely knew Goebbels. Tragically, his reaction when an amored car showed up to ferry him away from the battlefield to marry Hitler is lost to history.


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