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5 reasons McLaren builds the ultimate supercars (5 reasons we’d rather have a Ferrari)

Ferrari is one of the biggest car brands that ever existed. It’s a brand full of passion, pedigree, and culture. Ferrari is one of the greatest things to ever come out of Italy, and it’s a brand loved around the world and known for its performance in F1.

However, in the early 1970s, a new British brand emerged that Ferrari wanted to kick off the market Supercar Top spot. That brand was called McLaren and is probably Ferrari’s greatest rival in modern times. But which side makes better supercars? Is it the red side from Modena, Italy or the orange side from Surrey, England?

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10 The legacy (Ferrari)

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Ferrari’s legacy crushes not only the legacy of McLaren, but the legacy of most other makes of cars as well. Ferrari has won 15 F1 drivers championships and they dominated the early 2000s, winning six championships in seven years.

Silver Ferrari Monza SP, front and side viewsvia

Ferrari has also made so many iconic cars over the years. From the F40 to the 250GT, the list goes on and on. Here is the list of the ten best Ferraris ever made and all of these cars prove why Ferrari is the King of Heritage.

9 The Precision (McLaren)


McLaren has always been dumb and precise from day one. Everything has to be perfect, otherwise it just won’t happen. They are a modern brand and do things very differently than any other car brand. All modern McLaren cars are complete nerdfests, and you can tell that they were all designed with precise software by people with first-class degrees in physics or some other science.


The McLaren plant and the Ferrari plant are two worlds apart. If you want to work at McLaren, you have to be beyond a genius. You need to know your facts and figures. Say what you want from their build quality, but if you just look at the engines and aerodynamics you’ll find that they are a world of their own compared to most supercar makers.

8th Customer service (Ferrari)

A Dino 246 GT in redvia:

McLaren’s customer service is not bad, but Ferrari offers free service for seven years in many countries. This is crazy because these cars are not cheap to maintain. They need special parts and attention and have been for seven years (most Ferrari owners keep their cars for less than that), and it’s all free.

Novitec Ferrari 812 N-LargoVia

Ferrari has always done everything for its customers. The brand is not just a car brand like Nissan, but an exclusive member club with more exclusive member clubs within the actual member club. Ferrari offers its dearest customers (these people are usually stupidly rich) the opportunity to buy their rarest cars. In fact, Ferrari will build a car just for you for a price.

7th The comfort (McLaren)

McLaren 570SVia:

McLaren has always made comfortable cars. Even the 675LT is more comfortable than some GTs, and this car is a track monster. McLaren’s cars are far more comfortable than Ferrari’s, the suspension feels softer, and they’re far more forgiving.

McLaren 720svia

This is all down to precision and the geeky stuff behind the scenes. With McLaren, the top supercars feel effortless, and the interior is also far nicer than what Ferrari offers these days, with a far better layout and everything feels better.

6th The technology (Ferrari)

Ferrari 458 SpecialeVia

Ferrari wins with technology, but not by much. They have just released their second hybrid and first plug-in car, the SF90 Stradale. This is an absolute monster with over 900 hp, more than any McLaren has ever made. Unlike McLaren, Ferrari also has an AWD system.

The rear of the 550 Maranellovia:

Ferrari has had the upper hand in technology for years. This is all due to years of extensive research in F1 and other races. The 2011 Ferrari Four AWD system was unique and used two transmissions to power all four wheels. McLaren is not far behind technologically, but they have to overcome some obstacles if they want to stay on par, let alone overtake them.

5 The wow factor (McLaren)

McLaren 720Svia

Ferrari makes a lot of exotic cars. But in no way, shape or form are they as exciting to look at as McLaren cars. They look absolutely crazy, and even the cheaper models like the 570S break their necks easily anywhere. McLaren really took this “spaceship” approach literally as all of their cars look like spaceships.

McLaren 720Svia

McLaren may use science to design their cars, but they certainly know how to make a car that will stand out. The Dieder doors are a hallmark of all McLaren cars today and no doubt add to the car’s drama.

4th The reliability (Ferrari)

Ferrari F8 Tributo front view of the third qaurterVia:

Believe it or not, Ferrari cars are pretty reliable for a supercar. They are well made, attention to detail is spot on, and most cars have no panel spacing at all. Yes, Ferrari used to make cars that were very fragile, but now things have changed. But the parts are still expensive.


McLaren cars are nowhere near as reliable, which is a shame. In fact, McLaren’s build quality is nowhere near as good as Ferrari’s.

3 Better on the track (McLaren)

A red Artura in motionvia:

McLaren is one of the industry leaders when it comes to driving on the racetrack. All of their cars are track-ready, whether it’s a GT or a 650S. On the track, you realize that all this precision and geeky technology really pays off. McLaren is obsessed with aerodynamics, which is why their cars have so much grip.

McLaren SpeedtailVia Auto

McLaren designs their cars to be fast. They don’t design them for posers at all, and they will design a car around aerodynamics, no matter how silly it ends up looking.

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2 The engines (Ferrari)

Ferrari 365 GTB Daytonavia

Ferrari is known for its world class engines. From the Colombo V12 to the F136 V8 used in the 458 super sports cars. Ferrari is the master of the engine and they treat everyone like a work of art. You are also responsible for building many of the engines used in F1 and many of the engines that have won F1 in recent years.


Ferrari engines have a lot more character and drama compared to McLaren engines. The older engines are also far better and feel more mechanical and soulful.

1 The latest cars (McLaren)

Black McLaren Sennathe way with me

This is where McLaren takes over. McLaren has released too many cars for a super automaker. This is great news for auto enthusiasts as everyone is always better than the other, and it also means that their cars are always updated and kept fresh for the times. McLaren’s latest cars like the Senna or the 720S completely ruin Ferrari’s lineup.

McLaren 600LT on the highwayVia

McLaren has released five hypercars over the past decade while Ferrari has only released two. When a new generation of McLaren comes out, it is always very different from the last. Whether it’s the looks or the mechanics, they are constantly evolving. The 720S was launched in 2017 but is still faster than Ferrari’s newest car, the F8 Tributo.

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