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9 modified supercars that prove money can’t buy taste

Supercar, Every transmission dreams of owning one, but few can actually live out their dream. If you are lucky enough to realize every hope and desire to buy one, don’t ruin it with tasteless mods, just accept it for the technical perfection that it is.

There are no doubt some who disagree and deserve more attention than one of the rarest and fastest cars money can buy. At this point, we would like to point out that Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche have all spent thousands of hours testing and refining their products to deliver the best possible driving experience, which means there is no need for donking, slamming and homemade styling . Add custom wraps and paint jobs, Ferraris are traditionally red, Lamborghinis look cool in yellows and greens, not any garish baby tones.

For those lucky enough to have a supercar; Please resist the urge to do better, it will inevitably not work no matter how much money you put into it.

9 How low is too low?

Ferrari-348 --- forequarter-1About Bring A Trailer

Ferrari’s sub-par supercar from the late 80s is causing quite a stir with transmissions and collectors alike, with the disappointing Baby Testarossa look being one of the friendlier criticisms. The mid-engined Ferrari 348 isn’t as bad as the press likes to claim, however, and with a 300-hp V8 behind the cockpit, it was pretty nimble too.

Slammed-Ferrari-348-1Via Pinterest

Regardless of acceptable or miserable driving performance, slamming or, in this case, standing, a Ferrari that resembles a clown car with its suspension folded is the perfect argument for too much money, too little taste.

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8th Donk? More like Don’t, Ever

Lamborghini GallardoAbout CarPixel

It may be tame by modern standards, but at the time, Lamborghini’s Baby Gallardo was a huge hit with buyers and the press alike. Here was a smaller, more user-friendly Lambo that literally anyone could drive fast, all-wheel drive and loads of grip, aided by a tasty 5.2-liter V10 that could deliver up to 552 horsepower.

Donk LamboVia Reddit

Just because the Gallardo is out of date doesn’t mean it is ripe for this type of abuse, after all, until the Huracán and Urus, it was the best-selling Lamborghini of all time. Better known as the “Donk” treatment, this Gallardo has run out of money and tastes too little.

7th Home truck conversions

Corvette-C4 --- Front-Quarter-1stVia mecum auctions

Closer to home, Chevrolet’s bargain-tastic C4 Corvette announced their arrival at the supercar club. Few cars before or after have managed to deliver so much for so little. Keys to Vette’s continued success; tubular chassis design, fiberglass body and a range of naturally aspirated V8 engines.

Corvette Pickup 1Via Pinterest

As the individual design comments fit together, the Corvette offers an extremely flexible platform for working with transmissions. The bodies are completely free of any chassis loads, which makes the conversion much easier. However, this highly adaptable process should certainly not give way to a home-built truck. Trucks are cheap to buy, why ruin a perfect sports car?

6th Wrapping things up, bad

Bentley Continental GT - Front QuarterAbout NetCarShow

Choosing a high-end luxury supercar is a special moment, the major trim and extras can be deal breakers, but none has as dramatic an impact on its appearance as its color. Take the Bentley Continental GT, a stunning V8-powered coupe that knocks on doors at 300 km / h, looks beautiful in traditional British racing green.

Bentlety Continental - watermelonVia Reddit

At $ 217,000, you’d expect gearheads to pay special attention to Bentley’s carefully selected color palette. However, since this lurid “watermelon” on wheels is processed, taste is out of the question for owners and car packers, where pretty much anything is possible, provided you can dream about them packing it.

5 Everything that glitters is probably gold …

Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR -About WSupercars

In the days immediately before McLaren returned to the big days with a range of mid-engined supercars, the British specialty car maker was working on a very special Mercedes. The SLR was launched in 2003 and brings back memories of Mercedes’ earlier glory with a dose of modern design. Beautiful to look at and astonishingly fast thanks to a supercharged 5.4-liter V8 with 617 hp.

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McLaren SLR - sideVia Pinterest

With a bizarre makeover in red and 24 carat gold, this SLR 999 custom-made product is the work of a Swiss designer Ueli Anliker, who had too much time and money on his hands. Allegedly investing 30,000 man hours and $ 4 million only to conclude that the McLaren SLR was perfect from the start.

4th … unless it’s crystal

Lamborbghini Murcielago - frontVia mecum auctions

Brand new for 2002, Lamborghini, under the watchful eyes of Audi, the first new, completely redeveloped design in over a decade, the resulting Murcielago not only ran like hell, but was also really screwed together, a win-win- Situation if for wealthy gear. Obviously, the Murcielago has inherited some connections from the Diablo, think Lamborghini and V12 engines come to mind immediately.

Swaroski MurcielagoVia Pinterest

Weighing 3,600 pounds on the scales, even the basic Murcielago isn’t exactly light, powered by a 572 horsepower engine capable of 206 mph. Adding weight certainly just makes the Lambo slower, but that’s exactly what Swaroski and then dozens of other tasteless owners did by taping hundreds of pounds of crystals to the outside only to find that crystals don’t like getting wet.

3 Bondo Special Home Brew Bodykits

Dodge Viper - front view - redAbout me auction

Those in the know know how big the influence of the Dodge Viper was. Without question, it was deeply flawed thanks to a minimalist approach to anything that resembles driver-friendliness. At the same time, in experienced hands, it is one of the best super sports cars ever built. Right from the start, 8-liter V10s put out more than 400 horsepower in a clean, simple two-seat retro body.

Dodge Viper 1Via Reddit

Do you want a meaner look? Get the Viper ACR. Most will take the aftermarket route, however, which is fine if you know when to stop. This modified example shows how quickly it can go from great to terrible, wide arches, asphalt scrapes, and a lower suspension ruin the Viper.

2 Roses are red, so are Ferraris, just don’t ask for pink

Ferrari EnzoVia mecum auctions

The ultimate road Ferrari? We mean! The Enzo, launched in 2002, combined V12 power with a variety of F1-inspired technologies, not least its carbon fiber body, semi-automatic rocker switch and carbon fiber ceramic brakes. Certainly perfect on the day it left the factory, with a 651 hp naturally aspirated V12 engine and a soundtrack that is guaranteed to attract attention.

Ferrari Enzo - Front QuarterVia Wallpaperaccess

However, for some, Rosso Red is not the preferred choice or any other factory color. When you spend that much money, Ferrari will be happy with custom color tones in most cases to keep customers happy. There are a few exceptions; “Baby pink” isn’t one of the colors you’ll agree with, Ferrari banning color choices from buyers’ wish lists.

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1 Triggering the light Fantastic?

Lamborgini Aventador - FrontAbout CarPixel

Maybe it’s the frenzied cop badge that attracts so many wealthy, tasteless gangsters? What else explains the flurry of Lamborghinis, arguably made worse by the introduction of some crazy owners of what looks cool. The king of supercars is cool enough for anyone without resorting to home improvement. Packing a 6.5-liter V12 with more power than most of us get used to in anger.

Aventador light showVia Pinterest

For those who need more attention any time of day or anywhere, what could be less subtle than a few hundred watts of neon lighting crammed into every sub-floor opening? Why stop here? Light up the entire car, also add a couple of flashing strobes, all of which are reminiscent of a bad 80s nightclub.

Ford Focus RS - Front Quarter

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