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Africa’s richest boy owns a palace and a fleet of supercars

Published on 2022-01-26 5:59 PM / Updated on 2022-01-26 5:59 PM

richest child in Africa Nine-year-old Mohamed Awal Mustafa has his own fleet of luxury cars and a collection of mansions. The boy, nicknamed Mompha Junior on Instagram, is showing off his net worth to more than 25,000 followers.

Muhammad is the son of billionaire Ismaili Mustafa, who also uses the name Mumfa on Instagram, and like her son, has flamboyant tastes. According to British website Daily Star, he amassed an amazing fortune by being the CEO of Mompha Bureau De Change in Lagos Island, Nigeria.

A quick look at Monpha Senior’s Instagram account shows that showing off runs in the family. The businessman is not shy about flaunting the luxury cars, private jets and grand villas he owns around the world including Dubai and Nigeria. In many photos he stands there with large stacks of cash.

The nine-year-old’s page, like his father’s, is full of images of luxury cars and mansions, with the exception of clothes worn by designers. The boy’s possessions are of course gifts from his father, who bought him his first car (a silver Bentley) when he was only 6 years old. The boy also owns his own mansion, an achievement he thinks is commendable.

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