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Ambulance as a wedding vehicle; Driver’s license, revoked, ambulance confiscated [Video]

During the COVID-19 pandemic in India, many states and cities faced a shortage of ambulances due to exponentially increasing demand. While ambulances are often seen as lifesavers, a couple from Kerala had something completely different on their minds. The newly married couple used the ambulance as a wedding car! Here’s what happened after that.

The newly married couple from Kayakulam rented a private ambulance as a wedding car. They used the ambulance as a wedding car while the groom worked in a private hospital. While the couple were in the ambulance on board, the driver used the all-round signal and sirens during the journey. The ambulance was decorated with flowers and the driver also played loud siren songs while driving.

The video of the couple getting out of the ambulance spread across the internet. Shortly afterwards, the MVD took action against the ambulance driver. However, after receiving a complaint, MVD took action against the ambulance and the driver. The state ambulance drivers’ union filed a complaint against the driver for abuse of the ambulance. The motor vehicle commissioner also instructed the RTO to take action against the ambulance and the driver.

Ambulance license revoked

The MVD has withdrawn the approval of the ambulance and can no longer be used as an ambulance. The MVD also took action against the driver of the ambulance and withdrew his driver’s license. The ambulance is now being confiscated by the ministry.

It’s the first of its kind and we’ve never seen anything like it. Yes, there are couples who have chosen unusual vehicles like a JCB excavator as their wedding vehicle, but using an emergency vehicle is unusual. Do you know the strangest vehicles that have been used as wedding cars? Let us know in the comments below.

Emergency vehicles cannot be used in this way

Emergency vehicles are something special and cannot be abused that way. While we’re not sure what the law says, using sirens and flashing lights without an emergency is illegal and authorities can take action too.

The couple reportedly did not hire the ambulance and driver. It was made by the friends as a surprise for the couple. There is no information on what the cops did against the friends or if there will be any action.


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