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Army’s Military Academy Mass Wedding With Ford Mustang Shocks Iranians

A mass wedding ceremony at a military academy of Iranian Army’s Ground Forces has led to a barrage of criticism over the use of a red Ford Mustang festooned with flowers as the wedding car.

The photos of the collective weeding of at least 100 couples at Imam Ali Officers’ University went viral on Wednesday by Iranian social media users who were shocked that the cadets who chant “Death to America” during their trainings daily are tying the knot in one of the most iconic American cars.

While many are irked by the hypocrisy, most people have made fun of the combination of a red Ford Mustang with a white chador, an outer garment or open cloak worn by Muslim women.

While Iranian authorities, especially military officials, never lose a chance to criticize the use of American brands, many of them and their family members pay large amounts of money to use the sumptuous products.

Earlier in the year, a selfie of Qasem Soleimani’s daughter holding the latest iPhone 13 was picked up by Iranian social media users who began reposting it to make the point that the phone the daughter of the former Qods (Quds) force commander uses to demand retribution for the United States, is an iPhone.

Collective weddings, which appeared in Iran in the 1990s, are promoted by the authorities to encourage marriage among young people, who hesitate mainly over the sheer costs of holding a wedding ceremony. Their costs are usually covered by various government institutions, with the office of the Supreme Leader’s representative for universities as one of the main funders.


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