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Bride kicks best pal out of wedding after she turns up in white dress and veil

An anonymous bride was forced to kick one of her bridesmaids, who she had known since high school, out of her wedding after she turned up to the special occasion wearing a white dress

She wasn’t happy

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A furious bride had no choice but to kick her best friend out of her nuptials after she turned up on the day wearing a wedding dress.

The anonymous 28-year-old woman revealed all in a post on Reddit about the heart-wrenching story which she claims ruined her big day.

In a lengthy post, the newly-wed explained she tied the knot in an intimate ceremony with just 20 people in attendance.

Her best friend from secondary school – who she named as Andy in the thread – was a bridesmaid at the wedding.

The unnamed woman admits that Andy used to bully her when they were at school although she thought the other woman had “grown” since then.

An upset bride cries outside of a church


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She wrote: “However, back in school, Andy used to be kind of a bully, even towards me.

“Obviously, this was all back in school, and I thought she’d grown significantly since then.

“She picked out a nice rose gold dress that I thought was rather cute, and I assumed that was that.

“A few days before my wedding, Andy calls me and tells me she has a “surprise” in store for me that she hoped I’d enjoy.

“I assumed it was a wedding gift, or something of the sort, but boy was I wrong!”

She said her best friend changed her mind about her wedding guest outfit to something that’s more of her “joy and happiness” – walking in wearing a white dress and a headpiece that looks like a veil.

“I was flabbergasted, and asked her why she was dressed like a bride. Andy then proceeds on to tell me that she changed her mind about her former dress, and decided she wanted to pick something that would work as a symbol of her sharing in my joy and happiness.

“She talked about how back in high school she used to joke all the time about how she’d wear white to my wedding, and how I used to laugh about that. So, this was supposed to be a fun ‘inside joke’. Well, obviously I didn’t think it was funny. A huge argument ensued, where I basically yelled my lungs off at her. She offered to change back into her rose gold dress, but I was extremely pissed so I just asked her to leave .

“In the following days, she’s called me shallow (for picking a dress over inviting more people), claimed I’m jealous because she looked slimmer in her dress than I did. Eventually, I blocked her. Her husband then called me up to tell me that she’s been depressed lately and just wanted to cheer herself up by looking good and that I overreacted.”

However many users on the platform did not think they had been over-the-top.

One person wrote: “You found out she was still awful. Can’t imagine what might possibly be causing her to not be doing so well in life.”

Another commented: “She wanted to upstage you. That comment about you being jealous that she looked slimmer in her dress than you did speaks volumes.”

And a third happiness concluded: “She knew better than to wear white and if she really cared about your then she would have stuck to her original dress. How sure are you that she grew out of being a bully?”

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