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Confused by the music, the UP cleric refuses to celebrate the Muslim wedding

Indian weddings are incomplete without a band, baaja and baraat. And nowadays it’s not just the family, but the grooms and brides dance their hearts out during the feast.

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However, a clergyman from Uttar Pradesh, India was recently annoyed by the loud DJ music that was being played during the baraat (wedding procession). So much so that he denied hosting the wedding. This incident occurred in Kairana, a small town in the Shamli neighborhood of UP.

According to the Times of India, Maulana Qari Sufiyan was teaching children in a mosque when he heard loud music. Apparently it came from the processions of the two weddings he was supposed to celebrate.

“I had sent them a message to stop their music so they could pause their loud celebrations for a while when it was time for the evening azaan. But then they were there again, ”he said.

As reported, the two processions involved the two bridegrooms who came from Jagatpur in Delhi to marry two sisters from Kairana.

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The clergyman was further disturbed when he saw the grooms dancing to loud music on the roof of their cars. Then he told the families that he would not conduct their Nikaah.

“I saw the grooms dance to music on the roof of their vehicles. You should marry two sisters in the same place. When they didn’t stop, I informed the families that I wasn’t going to celebrate the marriages, ”he quipped.

The cleric added, “I saw DJ baj raha hai (‘DJ music’ was played). I said DJ Bandh Karwao (stop the music). They came to me because of the nikaah. I refused. Main Nikaah Nahin Padhaunga (I would not lead the Nikaah), ”he said.

When the clergyman did not change his decision, the embarrassed family had to find another clergyman to celebrate the wedding. Then they finished the wedding quickly and quietly and left.

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The entire episode made its way to the Panchayat the next day, where the locals had different views on the subject. The clergyman, who was prepared with his argument, called the act of playing music “gair shariyat” (contrary to religious law). He was also supported by other clergymen.

“We asked our brothers not to play music that loud, but many families don’t listen. I fully support Maulana Sufiyan’s decision, ”said another clergyman, adding that he would ask people not to play DJ music at Muslim weddings. “If this happens again, no clergyman will lead the Nikka.” However, there were also some who thought he had gone way too far.

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