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Dream wedding for a woman from Aberdeen with terminal cancer

Just 17 days after she was diagnosed with cancer-free, Amanda Buchan was told she had less than six months to live.

The 39-year-old from Dyce had celebrated the news that she had beaten triple negative breast cancer when a sudden attack last month turned her life upside down again.

But undeterred, she has brought her 40th birthday forward to this month and planned a dream wedding to celebrate her “Happy Ever After” in style.

Amanda Buchan

Amanda’s mother was first diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer less often in October 2020, and the news came as a shock to her and her family.

At the time, they were looking after their father, David, who was diagnosed with mesothelioma at the age of 60.

She underwent six strenuous chemotherapy sessions that made her very sick, but family members said she “fought through every single session.”

Amanda said, “It was very hard and it was very hard because I’m young.

“I did not expect that. Obviously, the family was going through a deadly ordeal at that time because of my father.

“He died on December 7th.

“So our family was already in a state of upheaval and then I dropped my bomb that I had this cancer.

“It was kind of a roller coaster of emotions that we found ourselves in. We were all pulled in so many different directions.”

Celebrate after the all-clear

After an operation that removed part of her left breast and all of her lymph nodes, doctors informed Amanda that they had managed to get all of the cancer and her surgeon gave her the all-clear.

She said, “I’ve had chemo and had an operation.

“I had part of my breast removed and had a complete lymph node removal on my left side due to tumors in the lymph nodes.

“I had a large mass and a tiny mass in my breasts.

“And then I was out of surgery for five weeks. I was told by my surgeon that I am cancer free. You got rid of all the cancer.

“Through my cancer all the time. I had to inject pills every day – I felt very, very badly.

“The operation hit me at six. I had to have a lot of help from my friend, from my son.

“My son’s friend, Kelsea, moved in to help us as I can’t be alone because I’m prone to seizures.”

Amanda’s family celebrated the news that she was cancer free and decided to bring their 40th birthday party forward from January 2022 to this month to celebrate the occasion.

In the days that followed, her mood lifted and she felt like she was “getting old Amanda back”.

But a little over a fortnight later, things changed again when she went to meet her stepmother for lunch.

It was only 17 days. Thats all we have.

“I felt absolutely brilliant,” she said.

“I looked good, I felt like I was getting back to me. It was exciting.

“And then I came home, that night I had a bit of a headache. And then I had a really bad fit.

“I was hospitalized and the very next day they spread the word that it was secondary breast cancer in the brain.

“The prognosis was three to six months to live, in terminal stages.”

“It was only 17 days. Thats all we have.

“It’s just like that, I think everything hasn’t arrived yet, it’s still very surreal.

“Ever since I was told, I went and started radiation therapy to try to prolong things. I took medication straight away. “

Wedding should be “bigger than the dream”

With a forecast of only three to six months to live, Amanda proposed marriage to her fiancé Daniel Bullock, 39, and her escalated birthday party turned into planning a wedding.

During a 3am conversation between Amanda and her stepsister Melissa Mowatt, the couple decided to just “break loose”.

Amanda said, “Melissa started talking about the wedding.

“It’s three in the morning and we’re texting each other in bed and thinking ‘so just do it’.”

Melissa took the story to social media groups for help planning such a short-term wedding, and Amanda was “completely blown away” by the generous responses.

At the back of the appeal, dozens of companies and individuals have come up with generous donations to help make their dream wedding come true.

They had offers on cars for the newlyweds, a discounted hall in Palm Court, and decorations including 4-foot-tall letters that read “Love.”

Amanda said, “We just can’t believe people managed to pull it out of their pockets for us, it’s just so touching.

“I think I cried a river, it was so overwhelming. The generosity of everyone.

“This will definitely be my dream wedding.

“It will be bigger than the dream.

“I think it’s bigger than I could ever imagine.

“I’m getting the wedding I always wanted – and my happy life after that.”

Her secondary cancer nurse, Vikki Bone, arranged honeymoons for the soon-to-be-bred couple in Piperdam, near Dundee, and said she “came out to fight for the couple” when she heard that Amanda was “stolen from time”.

“Blown Away”

Amanda added, “We are so overwhelmed with emotion by how many people have just surpassed everything.

“We are completely overwhelmed by how much everyone cares, loves and supports us.

“That there are still many good people in the world. It shows that there is still so much friendliness after the whole pandemic that we as a community are still pulling together. “

Amanda with her fiancé Daniel Bullock and back, son Krisstoffer Buchan and his girlfriend Kelsea Duguid.

She also thanked her stepsister Melissa, who she called “Superwoman”, for helping to keep her happy for the rest of her days.

“She definitely has my back 100%,” added Amanda.

“I cannot put it into words. I mean, she juggles her business, juggles three boys, juggles with that and also with the loss of our father.

“She’s like Superwoman, there are no other words for her.”

Amanda and Daniel will tie the knot on June 25, and the couple would like to thank the following people and companies:

  • Stationery Crafts to provide a table planner, place names and menus.
  • Party supplies, for the selfie mailbox.
  • Little Lovies Little Parties for the children’s corner.
  • Alba bagpipes.
  • Tall & Small Entertainment, for the 4ft letters.
  • Lala events, for the backdrop.
  • Candy Corner, for candy table, chair bows and centerpieces.
  • Big Bow Company, for the door arch.
  • Bonita Events, for the big balloon arch.
  • Show Equip, for providing lighting
  • Diamond Wedding Cars, for providing the car for the bride and groomsman.
  • Sandie Ritchie of GMT Autos, for delivering the second wedding car.
  • Live Love Bake, for cookies for the kids.
  • The Melt Room, for providing melt wax favors.
  • FM by Laura Emslie, for giving away a bottle of Amanda’s favorite perfume.
  • Enhance Cosmetics, for the facial treatment on the evening before the wedding.
  • Palm Court for providing a room for Amanda and Daniel and another room for their son Krisstoffer and their friend Kelsea as well as the free room rental.
  • Aberdeen Nursing Agency to pay for the first drinks for guests.
  • The Aberdeen Wedding Shop for providing lanterns for decoration.
  • Audstar, for granting a 20% discount.

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