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Driving roofless supercars in less than ideal climates is fun

What are the odds that you can drive a roofless supercar for a limited million dollars? If you’re not an F1 champion like Nico Rosberg, there is a great chance you won’t – just like the rest of us who make up 99 percent of the world’s population.

But how about three of these incredible machines? You know the answer to that, but luckily, Top Gear had the chance to put all three of them in the same place and drive them all through an unpredictable Scottish climate. At least we can experience them on our screens.

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The theme of Top Gear’s latest mega-test is the holy trinity of modern speedsters: the Ferrari Monza, the McLaren Elva and the Aston Martin Speedster. All three have come out in the last few years, all are limited and all of them lack a roof or proper windshield, which makes this test really unique.

To be honest, the show’s host Jack Rix said it was also his first time to test these cars. With the way he was dizzy before we drove, we believe him. If we were in his place, we’d be nervous to the bone, especially considering these three cars cost a total of £ 3.6 million, or around $ 5.1 million, at current exchange rates.

And of course the question arises as to the output, which for these three cars together amounts to 2,300 hp (1,715 kilowatts). We can only imagine the fun, but I think we’ll have to settle for that first.

Which of the three is the winner? The truth is, and just like Rix put it in the video, if you were a billionaire you would probably buy all three of these incredible machines.

And oh, stay on this page until the last part of the 20 minute video for some roofless fun that we can actually afford.


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