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Engineer uses bulldozer to reach his wedding; Challan issued

A civil engineer groom hired a bulldozer for his marriage procession in Madhya Pradesh. The Police have registered a case and imposed a fine of Rs 5,000 on a bulldozer driver. The incident is from Betul district in Madhya Pradesh.

मध्यप्रदेश के बैतूल बुलडोजर सवार होकर दूल्हा दूल्हा दूल्हा, वीडियो सोशल मीडिया

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The civil engineer Ankush Jaiswal wanted to use a JCB backhoe instead of a horse for his marriage procession. The grooms even used decorating materials on the loading bucket. There were two other women apart from the groom who sat on the loading bucket of the JCB.

After the procession, the video and photos of the event became viral on the internet. The authorities took note of the incident on the basis of viral images and videos on the Internet.

Taking cognizance of the incident through viral videos, Betul superintendent of police Simala Prasad directed the officials to book the driver of the JCB. The driver recognized as Ravi Baraskar has received a challan of Rs 5,000 for violating the rules of the Motor Vehicles Act. The police station in charge of Jallar police station told the media.

Such heavy equipment is only cleared for commercial use and cannot be used to transport people. The driver was violating the 39/192(1) of the Motor Vehicles Act.

The groom Jaiswal said that he earlier worked with a construction-related company where the use of bulldozers was part of his everyday job. That is why he decided to use the bulldozer to reach his wedding ceremony instead of a traditional horse.

Not the first such incident

Jaiswal is not the first groom to get this idea. A couple from Karnataka performed a similar ritual at their wedding several years ago. Chethan Kallakatta, who was a JCB crane operator for over a decade, got married recently. To make his marriage unique and to show his passion for his work, the crane operator and his friends decided to use a JCB crane in the marriage. The couple decided to use the JCB crane as their first ride after the marriage and both of them were seen sitting on the JCB backhoe loader.

The couple was seen sitting in the loader while it passed through the streets. Even though the idea was conceptualized by the husband and his friends, Chethan has revealed that his 22-year-old wife was not as excited as him with the idea. She was initially scared to sit in the loader but Chethan made sure that there is nothing to worry about and they should go ahead with the idea.

Even though it may seem like a fun idea, they were sitting in the loader without any safety harness and any sudden acceleration or braking could have caused a disaster. While it is a unique way of celebrating the occasion, one should always take care of safety while doing such stunts on the public roads.


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