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Fireworks went wrong, wedding went right: readers share their memories of Toronto from May 2-4

We raised three daughters in an area of ​​semi-detached houses in a quiet North York yard. It was a safe and active neighborhood filled with young couples and young children. As the weekend approached on May 24th, we did it like in previous years: we arranged a family barbecue, followed by fireworks in the square.

The night was perfect. Grandparents sat in kitchen chairs on small balconies in garages overlooking the yard. The parents sat on plastic chairs on our lawn. Children huddled together against blankets. Our brother-in-law strummed Puff the Magic Dragon on his guitar. Sixty friends and family were gathered, and when the sky darkened, the fathers put buckets of sand in the middle of the courtyard and put in the first of the Roman candles and fountains. The emergency water hose was pulled next to the huge box that contained the fireworks. The first missile was fired. It screamed into the air, burst into bright colors and we all watched in horror as a burning spark slowly fell to the ground and went straight into the full fireworks box!

There was a moment of silence that ended abruptly. Missiles exploded from the box and shot into the air. The hose wasn’t on, and when someone turned the tap, the handle in her hand came loose. My husband thought it best to tip the box over to spread the fireworks so they wouldn’t touch, but now they were lit and shot sideways into the street, into the crowd, under cars parked in driveways and on the street were court. The musician called “Follow me kids” and led the children into a backyard. The parents screamed and climbed off their chairs.

It was over in less than a minute; Three hundred dollar fireworks in 60 seconds. People crept back and packed up their things. Nobody was hurt. Nobody knew what to say.

We didn’t buy any fireworks the following year. We tried to be low key and just host a family barbecue with sparklers. A cousin showed up in a fire suit that he had rented from a costume store. The May 24 fiasco is a family legend.

– Anne Belanger

The Leaside Lawn Bowling Club is my favorite spot on Victoria Day. The day starts at 10 a.m. with warm cinnamon rolls, scones and coffee. The celebrations begin with horse riding dignitaries in the Leaside area. MPs, MPPs, usually make speeches, as do I, on the role Queen Victoria played in creating Canada. (I organize the day’s events with many of the club’s volunteers). Looking at the green, there are about 70 or more members there, all in their red, blue, and white colors for the day, and it really is a great sight to see.

There are two bowling competitions, separated by a delicious lunch grill. There are many bowling prizes to be awarded as well as additional bonus surprises. Cold drinks can be enjoyed throughout the day, combined with a refreshing desert that is served at 4pm

We refer to the bowling days on the long weekend as Fun Days, and they are. All members are enjoying the day and we hope it won’t be long before we can resume our good times on Victoria Day, Canada Day, Simcoe Day and Labor Day in the not too distant future.

There is certainly nowhere I would rather be than the Leaside Lawn Bowling Green on Victoria Day.

– Adele E. Francis

We got married 45 years ago on Victoria Day Sunday. We loved to watch the fireworks on Monday evening.

We always felt that they were celebrating us and not Queen Victoria.

This is the second year in a row that we will miss her. I think we just have to make our own fireworks.



– Bonnie Lilies

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