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Forget supercars and luxurious properties, James Cameron owns submarines. Take a look

Little did James Cameron know where he’ll reach when he decided to drop out of college. The director might not have imagined that he’ll have an illustrious career spanning four decades in Hollywood. The man behind the blockbuster Titanic enjoys a lavish lifestyle and an enormous net worth of nearly $700 million. You read that right!

One of the wealthiest filmmakers in the world, James Cameron not just owns a luxurious mansion in Malibu, swanky cars, but also submarines. Let us take a closer look at the luxurious life of the Avatar director:

A mansion in Malibu:

James Cameron may refer to New Zealand as his home but before migrating to the Land of the Long White Cloud, he lived in a massive Malibu mansion. Along with his wife Suzy Amis, James Cameron raised their four children, Josephine, Quinn, Claire, and Elizabeth, in an 8,000 square foot California home. The mansion has a separate guest house, a gourmet kitchen, and an interior garden. That’s not all, it also has an indoor cinema hall, a tennis court, and two swimming pools. In 2020, the Oscar-winning director listed his Malibu compound for $25 million.

A house in New Zealand:

After filming Avatar in New Zealand in 2012, James Cameron decided to buy a house and a farm there. He divided his time between Malibu, California, and New Zealand till he permanently shifted to New Zealand. In an interview. James Cameron shared, “I plan to make all my future films in New Zealand, and I see the country having an opportunity to demonstrate to the international film industry how to safely return to work. Doing so with Avatar [sequels] will be a beacon that, when this is over [COVID-19 pandemic]will attract more production to New Zealand and continue to stimulate the screen industry and the economy for years.”

The house spread over 1500 hectares (3700 acres) cost $20 million. Located near Wellington, the house has huge bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas, office space, and a well-equipped kitchen.

A winery:

Did you know that James Cameron’s Titanic won 11 Oscar awards? He also owns a private winery in the Comox Valley, British Columbia. The Beaufort Vineyard and Estate is spread across 84 acres and the director bought it for $2.9 million from founders Jeff and Susan Vandermolen.


James Cameron owns a fleet of Triton Submarines ($3 million each). He got these while making the iconic Titanic and used the submarines to explore the wreck site, shoot underwater scenes, and recover artifacts. James Cameron partnered with Triton Submarines to create the next generation of ocean exploration technology.

Cameron shared, “We’re entering an exciting new age of technically-enabled ocean exploration reliant on a new suite of marine vehicles, advanced imaging systems, and another tech that will propel ocean science. More than 80 percent of our oceans are unexplored. There are mysteries to solve, new discoveries to make, and critical knowledge to acquire.”

Rolex watches

James Cameron is a Rolex fan. His passion to explore the sea required him to opt for a reliable timepiece, and that’s when he decided to get a Rolex Submariner. James Cameron said, “The Submariner has been my constant companion throughout all of my work as a deep ocean explorer, and my film career. This watch represents the things I aspire to be – strong and dependable over the long haul, striving for excellence but understated, classy but not glitzy or gauche, never ostentatious but never anonymous. And it loves the ocean – it loves the water and is not afraid of pressure. like me.”

Cars and bikes:

It’s not just James Cameron’s larger-than-life films that become a highlight, he also has a special corner for motorcycles and cars. He has a Corvette C6 Convertible and Ducati 848 EVO. The director also owns not one but three Harley-Davidsons. You must have seen his Harley in Terminator 2: Judgment Day.


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