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Guide to Popular 5 Modern Wedding Cars Within a Budget

Have you decided on a modern wedding rental car for your big day? Cool, sophisticated and full of style. These vehicles will make you feel like a million dollars arriving in front of all of your guests. But which one should you choose? With so many on the market, we’ve put this handy guide together to make your decision a little easier.

Mercedes S class

One of the most famous luxury cars in the world, the Mercedes S-Class combines elegant aesthetics with a luxurious interior fit for a king. And with plenty of space for up to four passengers to relax in style, it’s the perfect choice for the smaller wedding.

Chrysler Baby Bentley 300C Limousine (Baby Bentley Limousine)

The Chrysler Baby Bentley Limo first went into production in 2004 and looks fantastic – but it also has a great trick up its sleeve. Thanks to the futuristic double doors of this vehicle, you can easily get out of the vehicle without the risk of damaging your outfit. And because it’s a limousine, up to eight passengers can enjoy the ride.

Lobster soda

With its exciting party-style interior and bold looks, the Hummer Limo is as far removed from a classic wedding car as possible – and that’s why so many brides and grooms love it. Features vary by model, but you can usually expect fun extras like dance floors, bars on board, and plenty of space to give the happy couple a toast.

Range Rover Sport or Vogue

Are you planning a country wedding? These windy lanes and muddy driveways can wreak havoc with more traditional wedding cars. However, choose a Range Rover Sport or Vogue for your special day and you can be sure that nothing as simple as the weather gets in your way. Instead, relax in the luxurious interior and let this powerful 4 × 4 vehicle take you to your destination.


Do you really want to inspire your guests on your big day? There are few vehicles as impressive as a Ferrari sports car. Considered by many to be the epitome of glamor and style, these sleek and sophisticated sports cars are sure to turn heads. And if you want to add a bit of excitement, you can opt for a self-drive and feel the power of this legendary car for yourself.

What to consider when booking a wedding car:

  • Some vehicles are available with a chauffeur or self-drive.
  • All limousines are usually only available with a chauffeur.
  • High-performance sports cars like the Ferrari are subject to various restrictions (e.g. minimum age, high deductible / deposit, etc.).
  • You may be denied a vehicle if your driver’s license is not clean. This is usually due to the insurance restrictions.

Do you need more information about renting a wedding car? Contact the Anything for Hire booking team for more information.


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