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Hucknall woman’s wedding send-off will be just paw-some

Amanda Thoelen, 50 has run Pooches Dog Walking and Home Boarding on Watnall Road for the past seven years.

And when she gets married at Eastwood Hall on Saturday, many of her four-legged customers will be there to see her off on her journey to the venue.

She said: “I walk about 40 dogs in Hucknall each week and they and their owners are all coming to see me off.

Amanda Thoelen will be seen off to her wedding venue by many of the dogs she walks each day in Hucknall

“I’ve got two vintage cars coming for me and my bridesmaids and they will be on my drive while the dogs will all be on my neighbor’s drive – I can’t be on the same drive as the dogs otherwise you can imagine what colour my dress will be as they’ll all go crazy when I come out.

“I had to have them as part of my day though, because they are my job.

“Every day I walk 20 dogs, on Misk Hills, or Papplewick or Titchfield Park or wherever around Hucknall – it’s all Hucknall based.

“All the dogs are based in Hucknall and I started the business seven years ago and it’s proved a real success and a year ago, I moved into my current address and it’s got a lovely big garden, so I got a license from the council to start boarding dogs as well.

“These dogs are my best friends and I just wanted them to see me off and their owners too and that will make the day even more memorable.

“My photographer on the day is intending to try and get an aerial shot of them all with us before we go from an upstairs window at the house.”

This will be Amanda’s first marriage and she admits her husband-to-be Matt wasn’t so keen on the dogs at first.

However, she soon persuaded him otherwise.

She laughed: “He had no choice to be honest.”

For more information about Pooches, visit the website here or the Facebook page here.

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