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Kirkmichael Farmsteading receives the green light for the wedding venue

A rural farm in Perthshire was approved as a wedding venue despite traffic management concerns.

The concerns of some Kirkmichael residents were brought to the attention of councilors as they made their decision.

The planning application for the change of use of the stone-built settlement of Tullochcurran Farm was presented to the Planning and Development Management Committee of the Perth and Kinross Council on Tuesday June 1st.

Blairgowrie and Glen’s Conservative Councilor Caroline Shiers put a deputation on behalf of the locals against the change of use.

She expressed “significant concern” about the impact on the neighbors who live next to the property as it is at the end of a very narrow alley and the people who use the street to access the play area, vacation rentals and the popular Cateran Trail to reach.

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Cllr Shiers was skeptical that passage seats could be added here and said she was not confident that due consideration would be given to the additional traffic for guests, catering, beauticians, etc.

Blairgowrie colleague and Glens Conservative Alderman Bob Brawn asked how bad parking was.

Cllr Shiers said, “Kirkmichael is pretty difficult to get to by public transport. In the 15 years that I’ve served as a councilor, I’ve noticed that parking spaces are becoming scarcer. “

Tony Jevon lives in the alley and has a vacation rental there with his wife. On behalf of 11 other households, he sent a “disadvantaged” delegation with the “unsuitability of private lane”.

Mr Jevon described the lane as “a pothole stretch with no rating” with no ability to restrict cars to the 20 parking spaces proposed at the venue.

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The Tullochcurran Farm will accommodate up to 70 guests. He expressed concern among local residents about noise and potentially unsocial behavior by wedding guests.

He said vacationers were drawn to Kirkmichael because of its quiet nature.

Applicant Nikki Miskelly told the committee, “Our vision is to create a family-run business focused on managing and coordinating weddings.”

She told councilors how she and her husband Paul coordinated their own farm wedding in 2019.

She said: “We had 70 guests in the barn and it was also a test to see if we could get a building permit.

“At that point there were absolutely no complaints or problems with any of the neighbors.”

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She said it could help support local businesses and the local community and create new jobs.

In response to noise nuisance, she said that there would be no music in the marquee area and that it would be contained within the building and that life in the farmhouse would ensure that “the noise level is carefully monitored and that the wedding party agrees to their contract”. Service contract”.

Mr. and Mrs. Miskelly suggested a minibus service with two 16-seater minibuses to minimize the up and down of the passengers.

Planning officer Anne Condliffe told the committee that she was satisfied with the minibus proposal and would be happy if cars were to be parked in the yard.

PKC project engineer Lachlan McLean said larger vehicles – like tractors and a PKC garbage truck – were already in the lane.

After over an hour of discussion, Cllr Brawn moved to reject it, expressing concern about traffic management and home furnishings.

SNP Kinross-shire Councilor Richard Watters seconded.

Conservative Almond and Earn Councilor David Illingworth moved for approval.

He said he lived in a “very similar” alley with a town hall across the street that “occasionally hosts loud events” and with a play park at the top of the alley.

He said PKC is committed to helping businesses, especially in rural areas.

Strathallan SNP Councilor Tom Gray said he saw “no reason to prevent this”.

The approval was given with eight to three votes.


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