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Lacey Chabert teases “Wedding Veil” branded films and more: Exclusive – Hollywood Life

Brand queen Lacey Chabert ONLY opened her exciting ‘Wedding Veil’ trilogy with Alison Sweeney and Autumn Reeser. She also talked about making her latest film in Ireland.

Lacey Chabert has been a Hallmark veteran for years and always brings us into the Christmas spirit with her healthy and romantic vacation films. In 2022, Lacey will appear alongside other Hallmark stars in an unprecedented Hallmark trilogy Alison Sweeney and Herbstreeser. HollywoodLife spoke ONLY about working with Alison and Autumn on the Wedding Veil films.

“We’re in the process of making the final film,” said Lacey HollywoodLife. “I did my beginning this year. So each of our characters has their own film. And then we can all act as friends in each other’s films. It was so important to me and a project that I developed with so much passion because I had long wanted the chance to work with some of the other women from Hallmark. These women have become friends and I admire and respect them. I was thrilled that we finally had the chance to do a project together. So it’s about a group of three friends who are incredibly close and who meet every year for a reunion weekend and go shopping for antiques. In their first film, they find this beautiful veil in an antique shop. None of them really had a reason for a veil. My character is the hopeless romantic and convinces her friends to buy her because there is an incredible legend that comes with the veil that anyone who owns it will fall in love. The veil works its magic when we get to know these characters and find out what it means to be best friends with someone. “

Lacey Chabert, Alison Sweeney and Autumn Reeser team up. (AFF-USA / Shutterstock)

Lacey, Alison and Autumn have known each other in the Hallmark world for years. Lacey revealed that they all “got to know each other much better through sharing these three experiences. I love and respect her even more than I already have. It was so nice to work so closely with someone who has a similar experience working with Hallmark and is part of the Hallmark family. It was so nice to share stories and relate to each other in real ways. Fans of the movies have always said over the years, “When are we going to see you guys in something together?” I’m just really happy that we got the chance. “

Lacey’s latest Christmas film for Hallmark, Christmas at Castle Hart, recently premiered. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the actress to make this film. “We had the pleasure of actually going to Ireland and we shot the whole thing in Ireland,” said Lacey. “I’ve always wanted to go there, so it was such a dream not only to be there to visit but also to make a film. You know I still can’t believe this is my life It is such a blessing to be able to travel and have these experiences on the job. It was just beautiful. It was more breathtaking than I imagined. The people are the nicest people. Just amazing hospitality and so nice. Literally everywhere, one place was more beautiful than the other, and we were allowed to film in the castles. We actually spent a few days in one of the castles that we filmed, which was a very special experience. “

Over the past year, Lacey has started producing other projects at Hallmark, including Christmas at Castle Hart and Sweet Carolina. “I really appreciate the opportunity with Hallmark to tell more of the stories and be part of the development,” said the actress HollywoodLife. “I’ve learned so much. There are so many other things I still want to tackle, and I have a few other projects under development right now that I’m really excited about. I really enjoyed learning more about producing and really taking a more hands-on approach. “

Lacey ChabertLacey Chabert in “Christmas at Castle Hart”. (Michael McLaughlin / 2021 Crown Media USA LLC)

Lacey also spoke about her exciting partnership with Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book. “The Kelley Blue Book is something I’ve spent my entire life buying cars. It’s just a great resource. Autotrader is a great website that I’m using right now to buy my parents a car for Christmas, ”revealed Lacey. “I’m going to surprise her, so I’m very excited. It simplifies the whole car buying experience. There are so many different tools out there that can be used to find the cars near you or if it isn’t near you they can be delivered. I’m just a huge fan of the site. And especially on the holidays, when I really think about our family traditions, a lot revolves around driving. Be it driving a car to see the Christmas lights or going on road trips to visit the family. A lot revolves around sitting in the car. Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book have a great website called that has great winter car care tips and playlist suggestions because a good road trip needs a good playlist. It’s just a wonderful resource for people to use. “


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