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Lamborghini developed carbon fiber for super sports cars

As we approach the dawn of the ICE era, automakers have refined the rest of their vehicles in terms of weight, aerodynamics, and stiffness to get through the last bit of grunt before moving on to the silent and electric era. You’d think bigger companies would have an advantage here, but smaller and boutique companies like Lamborghini have been innovating on the materials side for decades. You only have to do that if you are manufacturing the best and fastest cars in the world in small numbers.

These materials, mainly carbon fiber, will be crucial for both weight and size reduction in the future because they are stronger than the corresponding material, but also more expensive. But Lamborghini has been researching this stuff since the ’80s and has refined the process to make it both cheaper and more efficient. Let’s take a look at the timeline of the key points in Lamborghini’s love affair with carbon fiber.


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