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Michigan community saves couple’s wedding anniversary after fire

Elizabeth and Jake Landuyt say their wedding was like a fairy tale.

“The ceremony was perfect,” said Elizabeth.

“Everything we could dream of,” added Jake.

That is, until Elizabeth’s father gave his speech at the reception. “A minute later he was interrupted by some of our guests,” she said.

The cottage next to their wedding location on Mackinac Island, Michigan caught fire and everyone had to evacuate the area. The newlyweds had to give up their reception.

“I didn’t know where we were going,” said Jake. “I just thought we have to get away from it.”


“So we just went to church,” said Elizabeth.


A cottage next to a couple’s wedding location went up in flames, forcing them to relocate the venues during the event.

Angela Hopkins

It was the church in which they had just married. Now they were praying for the health and safety of all. Your prayers have been answered. In the end, no one was injured and even the building was saved.

Angels rushed from all over the city while they were praying in the church. First, the venue’s chef took all 120 meals – which were only partially cooked – and directed the staff to move them to safety in the restaurant next door.

“We just ran with it,” said one employee. “We just boiled it, doused it with sauces and went down the street,” said another.

They served the food in a resort that had function rooms. What they didn’t have was made available by another restaurant.

Another problem: There are no cars on Mackinac Island, so the wedding migration had to be done manually – powered by the sheer will and kindness of strangers. A bellhop volunteered to be a bartender. A lady in the street was carrying a flower box. In less than an hour the bride blushed again.

“You literally raised the reception from the ashes, which made the wedding better than we could ever have imagined and which we don’t necessarily recommend, but it’s a day and an experience that we have will cherish forever, “said Jake.

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