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Paul Walker’s heartbreaking autopsy and final words before the car crash

Fast & Furious star Paul Walker would have celebrated his 48th birthday on September 12th. The actor was killed in a car accident in November 2013, leaving behind his teenage daughter, Meadow

A month after Paul Walker was killed in a fatal car accident, the Los Angeles coroner released the harrowing details of the actor’s death.

Walker, who was in the middle of filming the seventh part of the Fast and Furious franchise when he died, is said to have survived the impact, but died moments later in the wreck due to the impact and the resulting fire.

The 15-page autopsy report found that Walker and his business partner Roger Rodas were traveling at over 160 mph in a 45-mile zone when Rodas lost control of the car.

The two had tested a red 2005 Porshe Carerra GT.

The force of the impact is said to have been so strong that the vehicle was almost completely split in half.

Paul Walker as Brian O’Connor in Fast & Furious 7 in scenes filmed before his tragic death



“After the driver’s side of the vehicle hit a light pole and a tree, the car kept spinning until Walker’s passenger side crashed into another tree and went up in flames,” the report said.

The coroner named the “combined effects of traumatic and thermal injuries” as the cause of death.

Footage from a surveillance camera near the crime scene showed that the Porsche went up in flames about a minute after the collision.

Walker’s body was so badly burned that it could not be visually identified.

The actor sustained injuries all over his body, including fractures to his jaw, collarbone and left arm.

No drugs or alcohol were found in Paul’s body or that of his driver friend.

Walker with co-stars Vin Diesel and Tyrese Gibson at the Fast & Furious 6 premiere in London



Heart-wrenchingly, a small amount of soot was found in Walker’s windpipe, suggesting that he may have been drawing air after the crash.

The crash occurred on a wide street in an industrial park in Santa Clarita, California, about 30 miles north of Hollywood.

Shortly before, Walker was performing at a toy fundraiser for his charity when he decided to take his buddy Rodas for a spin at Porshe.

Vin Diesel says “excitement is real” when he “emotionally” teases Fast and Furious 10. Paul Walker’s daughter Meadow announces the engagement to the actor friend

The car was exhibited at the fundraiser held in a Rodas auto shop.

Guests are said to have heard the crash from 500 miles away.

Another of Walker’s friends who had seen him at the event later revealed his heartbreaking final words.

A friend of the film actor revealed his heartbreaking last words after watching him get into the Porsche



Jim Thorp told reporters at the scene that he spoke to Walker just before hopping into the Porsche with Rodas.

He revealed that Walker’s last tragic words at the charity event were, “Hey, let’s take a ride.

“He lived his life and died fast and furious … He loved speed, he loved cars and he had to die like that. He died with his friend in a very fast car, ”said Thorp.

Paul left daughter Wiese


Wiesenwanderer / Instagram)

Walker was an avid supercar lover and was loved by fans for his role in the hugely successful Fast & Furious film series.

He was in the middle of filming the seventh film at the time of the crash.

Universal Pictures immediately ceased production and promised to donate profits from Fast & Furious 6 to Walker’s charity.

Paul Walker’s daughter Meadow Walker attended the F9 film premiere in Los Angeles in June


AFP via Getty Images)

Walker’s youngest brother, Cody Beau Walker, also stepped in to wrap up the final scenes of Fast & Furious 7 when Brian O’Conner, the role that made Paul famous, kept the film as close as possible to originally planned in his absence could be.

The actor left behind daughter Meadow, who was only 15 years old at the time of his death.

Last month, Meadow announced she was engaged after her actor boyfrien Louis Thornton-Allan asked the question.


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