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Prince Philip News: The Duke of Edinburgh loved cars and owned MG and Aston Martin

The Duke of Edinburgh enjoyed getting in touch with vehicles and was even spotted alongside James Hunt at an F1 Grand Prix. He has also been spotted behind the wheel of a Chieftan tank and a double-decker Leyland bus.

The model also came with a large vanity mirror and was used at a number of top events such as the Melbourne Olympics and the opening of the M1 motorway.

The car sold for £ 350,000 in 2016, which is almost three times the price of a regular model.

Alvis Series II Drophead

Prince Philip first noticed the model during a visit to the London Motor Show before snapping one.

He paid extra for an updated version of the model that came with a number of additional features.

In July 1963, he was driving away from the Rootes factory behind the wheel of one of the company’s new Hillman Imps at speeds of up to 120 km / h.

He was photographed behind the wheel of a classic Aston Martin racing car at Goodwood Motor Circuit in 1953.

There was also a picture of the Duke stepping out of a Fiat 500cc while visiting the Fiat factory in Turin.


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