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Research shows that Harry Potter is the most popular wedding trend on Pinterest

A new report from money.co.uk found that Harry Potter was the most saved wedding trend on Pinterest.

A Harry Potter themed wedding could range from subtle nods to series, such as a red and gold Gryffindor color scheme or a cake with a golden snitch tip to a lavish, all-encompassing Christmas ball recreation.

In fact, at 1016, Harry Potter was the number one wedding trend based on the number of boards created based on a specific wedding theme.

For those a little less Hogwarts inclined, the next two most popular weddings were “Vintage” and “Earthy”.

While vintage can mean almost anything (early 2000s Paris Hilton or 1970s ABBA ceremony?), Research shows that pins stored on these boards often included classic Princess Austin wedding cars, lace and pearl wedding dresses, and white floral arrangements, Green and peach and traditional white icing wedding cakes.

Weddings in the 1920s took place on the 6th and the Great Gatsby wedding on the 15th, certainly with lots of green lights.

Wedding trend Number of Pinterest boards
1 Harry Potter wedding 1016
2 Vintage wedding 1009
3 Earthy wedding 1008
4th Natural wedding 1006
5 Farm wedding 1004
6th 1920s wedding 1003
7th Garden party wedding 1002
8th Beach wedding 1002
9 Fall / fall wedding 1002
10 Marquee wedding 1002
11 Formal wedding 1001
12th Art deco wedding 1001
13th Garden wedding 1001
14th Spring wedding 1001
fifteen Great Gatsby Wedding 1001
16 Children’s wedding 1001
17th Heavenly wedding 1000
18th Fairytale wedding 1000
19th Disney wedding 1000
20th Botanical wedding 1000

The study compared the number of Pinterest boards created for 250+ wedding themes and trends, including wedding dress styles and bridal boutiques, with wedding venues and destinations.

The most popular wedding dress was “Sparkling Wedding Dress” with 2485 boards, followed by “Disney Wedding Dress” with 1521 boards.

Some favored the tradition, with “Vintage Wedding Dress” taking third place with 1139 boards, while others avoided it as “Two-Piece Wedding Dress” and “Bridal Jumpsuit” had 1015 and 919 boards, respectively.

At the top of the most popular bouquet list was the happy sunflower with 891 boards, followed by the classic rose bouquet with 876 boards.

The most popular venue was farm weddings with 1004 boards (someone for a line dance?), While garden parties came second and beach weddings came third, coupled with marquee weddings.

Finally, the most popular destination was Morocco, which was stored on 1001 boards, followed by Greece with 1000 and France with 999.


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