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Royal wedding: Kate Middleton and Prince Williams Aston Martin car drove with wine and cheese

The royal couple drove the iconic British car from their reception at Buckingham Palace to Clarence House just hours after taking their vows. The car was decorated with red, white, and blue ribbons, while balloons with the couple’s initials were also attached.

In line with his interest in sustainability and environmental protection, the car was completely converted to clean biofuel in 2008.

Instead of fuel, the model runs on a combination of wine, unsuitable for human consumption, and whey – a by-product of cheese.

According to Aston Martin, the fuel is blended as “E85 with only 15 percent of the prodigy that contains traditional unleaded gasoline”.

The brand claims that the cars’ higher octane ratings will also ensure the model is more powerful than standard machines.

In a recent documentary made on the occasion of his 70th birthday, the prince added how the car smells delicious on the road.

He said, “Aston engineers were like, ‘Oh, this is going to ruin the whole thing. ‘

“I said, ‘Well, I’m not going to drive it then,’ so they kept going and now they admit it works better and is stronger on that fuel than on gasoline.

“And it smells delicious too when you go along.”

The car was used on a number of royal engagements, including the Prince of Wales’ visit to Aston Martin’s factory last year.

A replica model even featured in Series 4 of The Crown when Prince Charles is reunited with Diana Spencer.


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