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Strangers save the wedding day after the bridal car was involved in an accident

A bride, her parents and six bridesmaids were headed towards Valletta for the wedding ceremony on Sunday afternoon when a car crashed into the bridal car and left them stranded at the bottom of a steep hill.

Luckily, two cars stopped to save the bridal shower so they could get to church on time.

Now the bride, Martina Gatt, has thanked the men who stopped to help their bridesmaids while they were stranded.

“A lot of cars drove past us but didn’t stop. Many actually filmed us. Then a car with two men stopped and took three of my bridesmaids to church and later a taxi stopped to take the other bridesmaids, “she told the Times of Malta.

The crash occurred a few minutes before 3 p.m. when the bridal shower drove to the Church of St. Francis of Assisi in Valletta.

Gatt was sitting in a vintage bridal car with her parents and two of their six bridesmaids. The other four bridesmaids were in a different car.

Gatt said when they reached the roundabout leading to Castille, just outside Valletta, a car overtook their vehicle to go into an underground parking lot but hit the front of their vehicle.

Both drivers then got hit, said Gatt. “When my bridesmaids tried to stop them, they wanted to attack them,” she said.

With a bride, two parents, and six bridesmaids coming to church, it was impossible to put them in the only car that was left of them. They considered walking up the hill together, but decided against it.

“We were in high heels and long dresses and walking up the steep hill would have been tough,” she said.

So the bride, her parents, and the maid of honor hopped into the bridesmaids’ car while the rest of the bridesmaids decided to go along. At that point, a car with two men stopped to pick up three of the bridesmaids – who were taking a picture with them.

Shortly afterwards a taxi stopped for the two remaining bridesmaids. They got to church on time.

“I was shocked walking down the aisle … Michael (the groom) had no idea what happened. So I told him and he couldn’t believe it. In retrospect, it was fun. I will never forget it, “she said.

The couple, who set their wedding date two years ago, are delighted to have tied the knot without having to postpone their original date because of the pandemic.

“We met in Valletta. He proposed in Valletta. I crashed in Valletta and we got married in Valletta, ”she said.

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