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Supercar dealer Romans offers customers their money back when prices rise in the luxury sector – Car Dealer Magazine

Supercar dealers are giving some customers back their money on cars bought six months ago as prices go up in the market.

The industry had an unrivaled May, with used car prices rising by around 6.5 percent according to Cap HPI, and the supercar sector was no different.

Romans International’s Tom Jaconelli spoke to the car dealership podcast about how, in some cases, they were buying back cars at the same price they had sold them in October and November last year.

He said that in some cases his team asked, ‘How did we sell the car so cheaply?’

“A good example would be a 991 GT3, 2017 or 2018,” said Jaconelli.

“We sold them in October or November and a low-mileage, well-equipped car sold for around £ 120,000 to £ 125,000. Now they’re closer to £ 140,000.

“We paid back some of the people we sold cars to six months ago. That’s pretty much unknown in such a short period of time. ‘


He added, “Right now you can ask a lot of money for cars and people are still buying them.

“It’s not very general because there are still some models out there, of which there are a lot, and they’re going back a little.

“But compared to a year or two ago when everything seemed a bit in free fall, this is a nice and welcome change for many owners who realize that their car is worth a lot more than they thought. ‘

While he said the market is “insane and may it go on for a long time,” he also acknowledged that this type of market also has its challenges.

As can be seen across the industry, buying a supercar right now is no less challenging than any other car.

Jaconelli added that he had heard from a Lamborghini dealer that only had three cars in stock.

With the new showroom pictured above currently under construction, he stated his concern to fill it up.

He explained, “The hardest part of the job right now is definitely finding stocks.

“We seem to be fine, but as you know we’re building a new showroom that we need to fill too, so that’s my biggest concern.

“It’s hard, it seems like every time a good car comes out there is a little brawl.

‘Everyone is looking for good stocks.’

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