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Supercar rally comes to Dorchester and Weymouth

PETROL heads can look forward to a convoy of supercars touring the southwest region this summer – with Dorchester and Weymouth in first place.

A parade of prestigious cars will start their engines at 8am in Cornhill on July 31st and head towards Weymouth’s seafront before embarking on the southwest tour – and ending in Exeter.

The event, known as The Luxe Rally Dorset Event, includes Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Porches.

Luxe Rally spokeswoman Hannah Webb said: “There will be supercars and high performance cars going from Dorchester to Weymouth and then along the coastal roads, which is sure to bring some excitement to the town.

“The start is in Cornhill – right at the top of the High Street across from Costa Coffee. We will travel through Weymouth on part of the route via the seafront – we will travel through West Bay and Lyme Regis, then to Seaton and to Devon towards Torquay, then through Dartmoor – destination in Exeter.

“The event will hopefully improve visitor frequency in Dorchester as we will be there for two hours from 8:00 to 10:00.

“We expect at least 15 super and high-performance cars – and the drivers have all bought tickets for the event.

“This event doesn’t raise money for a specific charity, but we plan to host a charity in the coming months.

“This event is just a welcome to all petrolheads and a chance to have fun, now we’re allowed.”

At a trial event on Saturday, May 15th, the Luxe rally event owners received phenomenal feedback from the public in Dorchester.

Ms. Webb said: “The positive response from the public in Dorchester has been overwhelming.

“Shopkeepers came to us personally and thanked us. Because of the large number of participants, we will hopefully continue to work together in the future. ”

The event owners will also hold their second event in 2021 on August 2nd – starting in the New Forest as the convoy departs for East Sussex for the Luxe Brighton Run.


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