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Supercars continues Gen3 push in 2022

The category held crisis talks with their teams today about the new rules in Sydney. The result was the decision to continue working on the introduction of the new rules as planned next year.

However, in a statement, Supercars said there would be ongoing reviews of the timeline, a departure from the bullish news regarding the recent introduction of 2022.

“Supercars met today to discuss the timetable for the implementation of the Gen3 supercar, which has been the subject of significant speculation lately,” said a statement from the series.

“The result of the meeting was to continue working towards an implementation in 2022 and we will continue regular reviews over the coming months.”

The new regulations have split the paddock over the past few weeks due to growing uncertainty about important aspects of the project.

Many team owners feel kept in the dark about the Gen3’s advancement without a clue of the basics like chassis and engine supply.

There has also been a lot of talk of potential engine parity issues as the category aims to balance a five-liter overhead cam Ford V8 with a six-liter push-rod Chevrolet power unit.

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Other issues like paddle shift and GT-style fuel delivery systems have caught the attention of teams, who are concerned about the added cost that many see as unnecessary upgrades.

Cost is a hot topic at Gen3 as one of the main goals of the rules is to save teams money.

There were fears that if the rules were rushed to implement the rules, costs could fall if staff were to work around the clock in the off-season, negating a medium-sized advantage for the teams.

Currently, the Gen3 prototypes are unlikely to be tested before at least the third quarter of this year, while the vehicles are unlikely to go public until October at best.

This timeline suggests Supercars are working towards demonstration laps at the Bathurst 1000.


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