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Tata Nano-Based Helicopter Car is a Hit With Wedding Planners

A mechanic in Bihar who has modified his to Tata Nano look like a helicopter, has received many bookings from wedding organizers

One’s wedding is easily among the most memorable parts of his lifetime, especially in a country like ours where even those who’re not strong financially go all out with the expenditures for the marriage celebrations. Not only do people spend huge amounts of money on the clothes and venue but even spend enough to ensure the procession stands out in some way or another. The latest trend is to hire a helicopter for the groom to arrive at the venue and finally leave with the bride.

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Guddu Sharma, a mechanic from Bihar, has spent Rs 2 lakh to modify his Tata Nano into a Helicopter lookalike.

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Tata Nano-Based Helicopter Car

Well, the groom using a swanky car might be passe but what’s for certain is that not everyone can actually afford to rent a helicopter. And this is exactly what a Bihar-based businessman realized before he turned his Tata Nano into a helicopter replica. Pictures of his vehicle, which seems to be in final stages of completion, have gone viral and Guddu Sharma, the owner, has already received several advance bookings. Guddu is a mechanic based out of Bagaha, Bihar, and has spent so far almost Rs 2 lakh of his savings to make the Nano look like a helicopter.

Speaking about his Tata Nano-based Helicopter car, Guddu has said “In the era of Digital India, this invention is a living example of self-reliant India. More than one and a half lakh rupees are required in making such a ‘helicopter’, whereas it will cost more than two lakh rupees to give it a hi-tech appearance. Its rent is Rs 15,000”.

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tata nano based helicopter wedding car biharEven though the Tata Nano-based helicopter replica is yet to be fully modified, its owner has received advance bookings from 19 people.

Electric Nano Back in Limelight

Earlier, this month, Ratan Tata received an electric Tata Nano from Electra EV. This company was formed by Ratan Tata himself and is based out of Pune. While there has been a huge push to quicker adoption of electric vehicles, it looks like many car owners might simply want to retrofit electric powertrains in their conventional vehicles instead of buying an electric vehicle instead. This is especially true in Delhi-NCR, where the life of ICE cars has been reduced to 10 years for diesel and 15 years for petrol. Even Electra EV will soon release its electric car conversion kit that will enable many car users to switch from ICE to electric while retaining their current vehicle. Details of the conversion kit aren’t available but Electra EV already offers a wide range of battery options ranging from 48V to 750V. These batteries meet the AIS 048 standard and are certified by ARAI.They can operate in a wide range of temperatures ranging from sub-zero to over 55 degree celsius.

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