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The bath photographer captures the “intimate” wedding of the Sylvanian couple in lockdown

A photographer has published pictures of the most exclusive wedding taking place in Bath this year.

Tabitha and Jonathan were married on Sunday (March 7th) surrounded by friends, family, and more guests than we have seen in months.

Joe Short, who recorded Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding in 2018, was the obvious choice for the Sylvan couple’s special day. However, preparations for the celebration are not without problems, he said.

The 49-year-old Bath dad said, “I was stuck with work lockdown. I did a couple of micro-weddings last year, but nothing like what you typically cover in a year.”

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He added, “My daughter Juno is nine years old and is a massive part of Sylvanian Families. When she walked out of her room one day and said, ‘we have a Sylvanian wedding,’ I was very excited about it.

“Then she brought the news that Colin the Hedgehog, ‘a friend of the family’, was going to take the photos. I couldn’t believe she was smart enough to bring this out.”

Joe Short photographed Prince Harry on his wedding day

Joe’s heart sank when he heard death fear any photographer, but he was hired after “persuading” Juno to promise a new Sylvan bride and groom from eBay.

Tabitha and Jonathan (loved but in excellent condition) came with a band, wedding cars, and the Reverend Bernie Beaver, a character loved by Sylvanian fans worldwide.

Juno spent weeks planning the couple’s big day and even borrowing extra guests from a friend to make it even more special, and when the weekend came Joe was ready for his biggest assignment yet.

You can see exclusive photos of the wedding here:

He said, “I wanted to be in full wedding mode and film it on a Saturday, but it was pretty windy and it’s pretty difficult to get these guys to get up in the wind.

“So they kindly moved their big day to Sunday when the sun was out, and at this time of year the sun is a little more flattering, even for a Sylvan complexion.”

The Bath father spent all day in the garden working to find the best nooks and crannies between Tabitha and Jonathan. He never missed a beat and even caught the moment when Grandma Viv had too much champagne and fell over the piano.

The family dogs were the only fly in the ointment when they got shot and even “peed behind the marquee” while the unsuspecting Sylvanians partied inside.

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After Joe got some romantic snaps of the new man and woman, he waited until evening “when the guests had had a few drinks” to watch the couple’s first dance.

He said, “It was fun to go back to work. Some of the real techniques I would use at a human wedding I dusted off and applied.

“Those who know Sylvanian Families will recognize many of the characters and take people back on a journey of nostalgia. Loyalty is strong.

“When I work on human weddings, I make a day a little easier for myself. I think it should be fun and everyone should be relaxed.”

The highlight of the evening had to be the moment when Jonathan and Tabitha danced to a rendition of “I had the time of my life” by the Sylvanian Aliens.

With absolute belief, Tabitha jumped into Jonathan’s arms for that famous elevator, but – a disaster – his arms were too short and she landed on his head. The crowd loved it and despite the sticky ending, it was really a night to remember.

A full report of the day and additional photos can be found on Joe’s website.

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