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The King Of Super SUVs: Meet The Lamborghini Urus

HotCars writer, Michael Van Runkle, got behind the wheel of this luxury mega SUV to give us the lowdown on the masterpiece the carmaker has created.

HotCars Urus Review Van Runkle In Front Of Urusvia HotCar’s YouTube Channel

Here at HotCars, we are lucky that we get to review some truly amazing cars. We’ve had a look at some epic classic cars and also some more modern machines as well. This has ranged from a variety of cars, but the latest one we’ve been fortunate enough to drive is the Lamborghini Urus, the king of the super SUVs.

Our very own Michael Van Runkle has got behind the wheel of this mega SUV to find out what it’s all about.

The Basics Behind The Urus

The bare basics behind the Urus are quite eye watering. For starters, it has massive 22-inch wheels on low-profile Pirelli P Zero tires. They are certainly quite big. Step inside the Urus and the interior is incredible, with its cockpit of controls like a fighter jet and its luxury feel. And the 641 hp twin-turbo V8 under the hood makes an incredible sound and as Van Runkle points out, it’s useless without its wheels and tires.

The 0-60 time is also 3.6 seconds, although some outlets have recorded it as under three seconds. Van Runkle launches the Urus up the hill in sport mode, and it just takes off without an issue.

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Handling The Luxury SUV

HotCars Urus Review Front Quarter Urus Viewvia HotCar’s YouTube Channel

The Urus is huge, but it handles well for its size. It’s useful that it has a four-wheel drive system, although it’s doubtful, many people will ever take the car off-roading.

Van Runkle says the brakes are one of the top two things about the car, just behind the sound system. But those carbon ceramic brakes stop the big vehicle very well. Van Runkle slams those brakes on hard, and they have a lot of bite on the tight and twisty California roads. They take Van Runkle’s breath away, blowing his 2006 Porsche Cayenne brakes out of the water.

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A True Masterpiece From Lamborghini

HotCars Urus Review Interior Shot Van Runkle Drivingvia HotCar’s YouTube Channel

If you are buying a car as expensive as the Urus, you expect the best! And you certainly do get it with this car. There are a variety of driving modes in the Urus too, ranging from the sportiest to the most comfortable modes for snow.

The Urus is truly a bit of a masterpiece from Lamborghini. It exudes power and performance, while also providing its occupants with some of the highest levels of luxury in any SUV. It is truly the king of the super SUVs.

Source: HotCar’s YouTube Channel

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