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The largest rose bear in the world witnesses a massive renewal of the vows

An extraordinary event was recently held in Wanning City, Hainan Province, China to help elderly couples celebrate their love.

The event was organized to give those couples who originally could only have a simple wedding the big affair they really deserved.

China Regenerative Medicine International Limited gathered 108 married couples to hold the vow renewal and blessing ceremony.

To decorate the couple’s blessing ceremony, they also built a giant bear entirely out of roses.

The 6 m tall rose bear not only set the romantic scene for the couples, but also broke the Guinness World Records title for the largest rose bear.

The bear is made up of 48,000 real roses embedded in a metal wire frame for stability.

Sketches of the rose bear framework

The bear is 4,829 meters long, 3,916 meters wide and 6,138 meters high and weighs 7 tons.

As expected, the huge structure took weeks to build.

By the time the couples sat down for their wedding gala dinner, Guinness World Records juror Iris Hou had officially completed certification.

The roses are replaced by artificial flowers after withering, and the largest rose bear will be on display for a long time as a reminder of the happy day.

Rose bear close up

Xu Lihang, 84, and Wu Manzhi, 82, who married 56 years ago and had a very humble wedding, were the oldest couple among the 108.

Zhang Jufang, 65, from Yixing said she got married on a boat and was then taken to her husband’s hometown. Even 41 years later, she regrets most of all that she did not wear a wedding dress.

But in the end, all couples had a wonderful day to meet all regrets about their original wedding day.

We celebrate the occasion with the impressive largest rose bear added to the celebrations.

This trial was conducted in accordance with local social distancing recommendations.

Handover of the certificate for the largest rose bear


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