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Venturi Automobiles, from electric supercars to lunar rovers

Once again, it’s a matter of putting electric vehicles in extreme situations, as was the case at the start of the millennium with the Fétish, Venturi Automobiles’ first electric model. “In 2004, the Fétish was the world’s first electric sports car,” recalls Pastor. “It was made entirely of carbon fiber and used the most advanced technology of the time, as well as aerospace innovation. At the dawn of the new millennium, Venturi used all its experience and mastery of cutting-edge technology to create a truly exceptional electric car that marked an era”.

Embarking on this kind of venture requires working on several fronts – planning and designing, ensuring financial sustainability, and opening new markets. “In the beginning, the most difficult thing was planning, designing, and manufacturing a car that could be ‘3 in 1’, that is, pleasing to the eye, powerful, and with a decent range,” Pastor explains. “The difficulty song in the size and weight of the battery. We started with this big constraint and designed the cars accordingly.”


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