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Wedding and funeral rules at every level as England enters a new three tier lockdown on December 2nd

Couples can remarry in England as the country returns to a three-tier lockdown system.

The ceremonies had to be canceled when the second national lockdown was announced in late October, while some couples scrambled to take their vows before the closure.

Now, those with weddings or civil partnerships booked in December can breathe a sigh of relief as they can take place subject to some of the new rules introduced earlier this year.

In the meantime, funerals, which could continue subject to the restrictions imposed by the national lockdown, will continue for up to 30 people, with 15 people now allowed to attend “memorial events” that could include seat succession.

In tier 1 and tier 2, weddings and wedding receptions can now take place from December 2nd.

No more than 15 people are allowed to attend weddings and receptions, which are subject to social distancing and must be seated events for people who do not live together.

This 15 is the maximum number for anyone attending the event, including the couple and guests. Anyone who works is not part of the legal limit.

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Receptions must take place in a place classified as Covid-safe and cannot be held in private homes.

In level 3, the official marriage or the registered civil partnership can take place, but no receptions are allowed.

The official guidelines state: “It is currently strongly recommended that marriages, civil partnerships or alternative wedding ceremonies only take place where they can be carried out in a Covid-19-safe environment.

“It is also recommended that the ceremonies be kept as short as possible. Such gatherings cannot by law take place in private homes unless there are very limited circumstances, such as: B. Urgent marriages (including deathbed weddings). “

The government is expected to announce on Thursday the grades into which different parts of the country will be classified.


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