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Wedding venue Thornton Manor in refund row after fire in Merseyside | United Kingdom | News

Molly Foster and Jordan Goldie were set to tie the knot at Thornton Manor in Thornton Hough, Merseyside, but the large manor house suffered a devastating fire earlier this month. It’s the fourth time they’ve had to move their wedding date due to other cancellations enforced by the pandemic.

But the couple, from Bolton, Greater Manchester, claim Thornton Manor said it can’t afford to refund them for the wedding, which cost around £11,000.

Each of the 22 rooms as well as a number of cottages on the estate were booked for the ceremony on April 2.

Ms Foster, 32, said she has contacted her insurance firm about the wedding – but the company won’t pay out and instead have told the couple it’s the responsibility of the venue.

The fiancée continued: “Thornton Manor has told us they can’t afford to refund the money but what about us?

“We can afford to pay for another wedding venue, but why should we pay out again when Thornton Manor have taken our money for a service they haven’t been able to provide?”

“It’s meant to be one of the most special days of our life but it’s just becoming even more of a stress.”

Thornton Manor told Ms Foster and Mr Goldie they have the opportunity to move the wedding from the manor to one of the marquees – but Liverpool Echo reports the couple have decided instead to move to another venue.

The couple wanted to keep the same wedding date as they’ve booked music and entertainment for that weekend.

But they are now in limbo as they have to pay for one venue while waiting for the refund from another.

Ms Foster said she is in contact with a number of other couples who are also struggling for a response from the wedding venue. She has also submitted a claim to the small claims court over the ongoing situation.

A fire gate through the Grade II listed building this month.

Since it caused extensive damage to the roof and walls, Ms Foster claims contact from the venue has been limited.

“I’ve never experienced customer service like it,” the woman continued.

“It’s not just us though – all my guests have said they haven’t been given a refund as well.

“I feel even worse for all the people who had a room for the wedding but will have to book something else.

“My partner sells cars – and I said to Thornton Manor if they bought a car but it didn’t come and then they were told it wasn’t coming and there’d be no refund, you’d think something was wrong.

“It’s been diabolical.”

Thornton Manor has been approached for comment by the Liverpool Echo and the Express.


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