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Woman ‘accidentally’ buys wedding dress to wear to her cousin’s big day

A woman sparked debate after ‘accidentally’ buying a wedding dress to wear to her cousin’s big day, as she shared a video of the outfit and asked others if she could get away with it

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TikTok user reveals her wedding dress shopping blunder

A woman has sparked debate after ‘accidentally’ buying a wedding dress for her cousin’s big day – as she considered wearing the outfit to the ceremony.

TikTok star Del, @savedbythedels, uploaded a clip to social media where she modeled the dress in question, and it definitely looks like a wedding dress.

The dress is pink and has puffy sleeves, and if Del were to wear it to the wedding she would definitely stand out – which she seems to have realised.

But she sparked a debate after sharing a clip of her modeling the dress online as others couldn’t decide if she should wear it or not.

Her fans were torn, as some said she should wear it but others weren’t so sure

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Del’s video, which she captioned “cannot wear it to my cousin’s wedding”, has been viewed over 130,000 times and many TikTok users flocked to the post to comment their opinion.

Then a second said: “It’s beautiful but it will photograph white because it almost looks white on my screen, bride might not be thrilled.”

And a third wrote: “All the people saying to ask – DON’T. I’m a people pleaser and would say yes, but hate it. If you have to ask you know the answer!”

Del said she bought the dress ‘accidentally’

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“It’s absolutely gorgeous and you should keep it,” added a fourth user. “But I’d probably get something different for the wedding!”

Another said: “Why not?”

And someone else wrote: “If it’s pink, why can’t you wear it?”

Meanwhile, a bride left her family in conflict after asking both her dad and her stepdad to walk her down the aisle at her upcoming wedding.

The biological dad explained he wasn’t a part of his daughter’s life until she was 16 and she was instead raised by her stepdad, so she wants to have both men walk her down the aisle to “honor” them both.

But he wasn’t keen, and the man told her she had to choose who she wanted to walk her down the aisle.

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