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Woman reveals list of strict rules for her upcoming wedding

A woman has revealed her list of strict rules for her wedding, and viewers come to her defense.

In a TikTok video posted on Jan. 26, @cruzjasmine824 shared a list of “very real wedding rules” she’ll be following this year. The first listed is “no children”. However, she explained that there are “some exceptions”.

“I don’t want kids walking around unsupervised with their parents not watching,” she said. “That’s absolutely not going to happen.”

“Most of my siblings are under 15,” she added. “So they can come, along with some from the city who really can’t get babysitters for the whole weekend because they have to travel… You have to watch them though.”

The next rule she has is that no one can wear white, “plain and simple.” Your bridesmaids have a set of instructions for pouring “a whole bottle of red wine” on anyone who does.

Her bridesmaids are also allowed to choose whatever outfit they want, but the bride gets to choose what color it is.

The next rule is: “Anyone not invited is not welcome.”

“I’ll specifically write on the invite how many Pluses you’ll get, and that’s it,” she explained. “Don’t bring random people.”

She also noted that she wouldn’t do the garter thing if a bride was wearing a piece of lingerie on her leg. During the reception, the groom takes off the garter and throws it into a crowd of guests.

She then explained how it kind of “just worked out” that all of her bridesmaids were in some way part of the LGBTQ+ community, which the TikTok user “loved.”

On the wedding day, @cruzjasmine824 said she didn’t want people asking her questions about what’s going on.

“My mother has full creative freedom with everything,” she explained. “She designed my quinceañera and made it perfect. And we’ve been talking back and forth all day and she’s just screwed up.”

The ninth rule is: Because the bride pays so much money for an open bar, guests should “take advantage” of it. But while she encourages people to drink there, she doesn’t want anyone “driving home drunk.”

She noted that guests can leave their cars at her wedding venue until the next morning if they’ve had too much to drink.

She also stressed that her vendors “are treated as guests” during breaks. You have the opportunity to eat and drink, but “can’t be wasted too much before the job is done”.

“When the job is done, you can drink as much as you like,” she said. “Take home a party favor. You are a guest.”

Their final rule is that “no big announcements” are allowed.

“If you want to propose, keep it to yourself,” she explained. “Don’t come to my anniversary and take the attention away from me and my husband. You will be attacked.”

This TikTok video has over 1.6 million views so far, with people expressing their support for these rules in the comments.

“Ngl this is all reasonable and I love it … mind if I use your list?” one viewer wrote, while another said, “Hasn’t even happened but this is the best wedding ever.”

Other viewers also explained in the comments why they felt kids shouldn’t be at weddings.

“100% agree with the kids thing,” wrote one. “If they’re younger than 13, they won’t care what’s going on and they would be bored.”

“The children’s rule is very sensible,” said another. “I love kids so every time I go to weddings I kidnap random kids to play with and it gets really wild with kids running all over the place.”

However, some TikTok users felt these rules were too strict, with one saying, “why don’t people want people at their wedding the more the merrier how why not why you have to be so damn stingy and rude.”

In response, @cruzjasmine824 said, “Well, when you add it up, it pays over $100 per person to be there. I will not spend more than $100 on anyone except my loved ones.”

The Independent has reached out to @cruzjasmine824 for comment.


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