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10 super expensive cars with super bad interiors

Most new cars today are remarkably advanced, especially when it comes to their interior technologies, which offer incredible features from controlled cruise control to seat massage to autonomous driving. While these performances may be amazing, the same cannot be said for the next expensive trips.

The cars on this list, while looking stunning on the outside at times, had interiors that looked like it was designed by a two-year-old, with no intention of keeping an eye on the driver’s needs, or just plain depressed – really cheap. To play the devil’s advocate here for a moment, some of these cars serve no other purpose than to label themselves hardcore Sports car, but that still doesn’t justify their decision to forego air conditioning or a proper infotainment screen, for example.

So here they are, the most expensive cars in the world with a rather questionable interior.

10 McLaren 720S ($ 300,000)

2021 McLaren 720S doorsVia: McLaren

McLaren is one of the UK’s most prestigious automakers and specializes in building some crazy hypercars like the iconic McLaren F1.

McLaren 720S Spider interiorAbout Charlotte McLaren

Hands down, it’s a beautiful, spaceship-like speed demon with over 700 horsepower, but for some reason McLaren was never the best when it came to assembling interiors. Everything may have looked great from afar, but once you step foot in it you’ll notice some poorly finished seams, inconsistent panel spacing, and many more inaccurate details that no one would expect from a $ 300,000 hypercar.

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9 Tesla Model S plaid ($ 130,000)

Tesla Model S plaidAbout WSupercars

Tesla has been a leader in electric vehicles for many years, and after putting its ridiculous acceleration figures aside, you see that there’s a reason consumers never praise Telsa for its build quality, especially the latest Model S Plaid which is the fastest right now available 4-door vehicle.

The stylish and minimalist interior of the Tesla Model S PlaidVia

Despite the endless number of panel gaps and paint defects on the outside, their Model S lags behind the competition inside, the overuse of cheap materials in the cabin, the disgusting sound of rattles, and engineering problems are unacceptable for such an important Tesla car – oh, and it has this strange steering “stick” called a yoke.

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8th Lamborghini Sesto Element ($ 2 million)

Italian for “sixth element,” the Sesto Elemento was a full-fledged carbon fiber hypercar designed to dominate the track, and with a price tag of $ 2 million and a production number of just 20, only the main Lambo could do it -Customers afford to buy this.

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento has a sensational steering wheelabout Road & Track

As already mentioned, the purpose of these cars is not to be seen in a fancy interior, but for this huge price you don’t get real seats, only upholstery on the carbon bucket seats, nor any floor mats, window switches, air conditioning and stereo system.

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7th Alfa Romeo 4C ($ 70,000)

Alfa Romeo 4C - Front QuarterAbout autopixel

Alfa’s miniature exotic is loved by many, and for good reason; The 4C is a wonderfully constructed lightweight mid-engine sports car that gets all of its power from a 1.75-liter turbo four that pumps 240 hp to the rear wheels, pushing the little Italian racing driver out in less than 100 km / h the stand could accelerate to 100 km / h 4 and a half seconds.

2018-Alfa-Romeo-4C-Coupe-and-Spider-Interior-1-2880x1800Via: Alfa Romeo

Unfortunately, the interior doesn’t do justice to the eccentric personality of the exterior as a radio isn’t standard, nor is cruise control or floor mats, but worst of all, there’s no optional infotainment screen in the center and on some models there were exposed cables throughout the cabin to recognize.

6th TVR Sagaris ($ 118,000)

TVR Sagarisover the wallpaper cave

TVR is a British automaker specializing in ridiculously dangerous sports cars, and the Sagaris, with its bold colors and side exhausts, is the perfect example here, but there’s one not that special part of it and that’s the interior.

TVR Sagaris interiorVia

The Sagaris’ interior wasn’t built of cheap materials, it was actually soaked in leather, but the shapes it was chiseled into were just not flattering, and its awkward driving position doesn’t help its state of mediocrity at all.

5 Dodge Viper ($ 95,000)

About Hagerty

Dodge was never known for its exquisite interiors, but when it came to their sports car death machine, the Viper, we expected a lot more given its price as new of nearly $ 70,000, but today some low-mileage models have jumped to $ 95,000 .

Via Barrett-Jackson

Inside, the first generation Viper was as simple as possible and looked like it was made of Lego bricks. The only parts of the cabin that were leather were the seats, parts of the steering wheel, gear lever, and handbrake – plus, you’d be touching rough plastic sheets that would break and age easily on a scorching day like the bare desert.

4th Hummer H2 ($ 60,000)

10-Via Motorcar Studio Tailored10-Via Motorcar Studio Tailored

Yes, Hummers were originally meant to be off-road monsters destined to conquer any terrain that stood in their way and no one ever seemed to mind a cheap interior, but when it came to the H2, GMC was really just that Appearance importantly costs its robust skills.


We don’t mean to be unnecessarily mean, but the H2 had a terrible interior that wasn’t suitable for anyone; it was small, filled with useless buttons and tricky dials, and not even to mention the awful steering wheel layout … for $ 60,000 we’d recommend buying literally anything else.

3 Aston Martin Lagonda Series 2 ($ 116,000)

via Brett Berk

Aston Martin is the absolute quintessential premier league, but they’ve also had their missteps over the years, like the Lagonda, and this wedge-shaped sedan was just as ugly inside as it was inside.

While Aston uses the fanciest of leathers and woods, it didn’t go together, was offered in the craziest color schemes, and scattered throughout the interior were those obscure buttons for controlling the windows, the excuse of an infotainment screen, and an endless array of other features that not even a 12 year old could understand.

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2 DeLorean DMC-12

1981 DeLorean DMC-12: A flop supercarVia: Mecum

Back to the future … let’s leave that in the past. The DMC-12 was, of course, the hero car in the hit blockbuster Back to the Future and definitely exaggerated the size of the DeLorean, but one thing above all didn’t really care about the inside, and we can’t excuse them.

1981 DeLorean DMC-12 interiorVia: DeLorean

There wasn’t anything special about it, it was just made from a variety of boring and dull plastics and leathers, the exact opposite of what you’d expect from such an iconic car.

1 2005 Ford GT


The Ford GT was the perfect take on a retro-inspired supercar, especially the 2021 take, but one thing they neglected on the 2000 Ford GT was the cockpit. The bare metal might have looked cool when looking through the window, but as soon as you had to get into the deep, grippy bucket seat, you were almost suffocated the entire trip, not to mention the 7 different displays that popped up in front of you and one unreachable Handbrake.

ford gt interiorvia

There’s no denying that the 2000s Ford GT was an exceptional car, but when it came to its ride quality and general practicality, it was just plain abysmal.

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