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Championship driver’s car in the Workington showroom

MOTORSPORTS in Workington was in for a treat when Red Bull Junior Driver Jonny Edgar visited a popular motor show.

The driver who won the championship visited the showroom to talk to the fans and to present his winning car of the ADAC F4 German Championship 2020.

Many people came to the J.Edgar and Son showroom in Dunmail Park to meet the driver, see his car and get autographs on Tuesday.

Jonny Edgar, 17 from Asby is a member of the Red Bull Junior Team and competes in this sport at the highest level.

Jonny said, “It was good that a lot of different people came to us, it was also surprising to see how many people came in and watched motorsport. I think it’s gotten bigger over the last few years and I think it’s good to see that there are so many people interested in it. ”

The masterful car and racing suit are still on display in our showroom in Dunmail Park, and people are invited to go into the showroom and see the engine.


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