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12 cars for off-road use instead of the best SUVs

If you will allow us, we will quote the genius of Max Brooks directly:

“The motorcycle – especially the dirt bike – can reach places inaccessible to four-wheeled vehicles. Their speed and maneuverability allow them to be ridden right through a crowd of zombies. Due to their low weight, they can be pushed for miles … Compared to other motorists trying to escape a zombie outbreak, dirt bike riders have a survival rate of 23 to 1. “

If you haven’t already, get yourself a copy of the Zombie Survival Guide, the only book that ever really scared us. While zombie dodging is an important part of the motorcycle’s long list of capabilities, using it off-road goes beyond your average end-of-day scenario.

With just one cylinder and a chain unicycle drive, bikes can climb over areas normally reserved for off-road vehicles and off-road Leviathans provided by Moab.

Of course there is something to be said about putting the drive on as many wheels as possible. And less stress – well, of course not that humanity is completely nonsensically forgotten as it refuses to take a single offered hand on the way down. But definitely less stress when you need a 4WD machine and a motorcycle too.

Behold, the Rokon: a two-wheel drive motorcycle that has existed for almost as long as the Land Rover (what’s a decade between friends?) And can go as far into the wild blue over there as its four-wheeled cousin.

Now that you have all seven horsepower at your disposal, your journey there won’t be as fast as it takes to win Baja, for example. For a bit more speed – but with two driven wheels – why not consider the Ural Gear-Up? It’s not all-wheel drive, but it’s two-wheel drive. Yes, with gear-up the wheel of the sidecar is driven, just like the rear wheel of the motorcycle.

In reality, you don’t need anything like this to go so far off-road you forget what they look like. Any number of trail bikes, both gasoline and electric – and with determined all-wheel drive – will get you to the delivery country faster than you can squeal.


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