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30 women share their unpopular wedding opinions.

6. “‘Bridal party’ – how ridiculous. All you need is a bride and groom. Everyone else is a bit extra and unnecessary. Besides, they should all be looking at you anyway – you’re the whole reason anyone is there. “

7. “Having a wedding cake – no one eats it and it is so expensive.”

8. “I don’t like matching bridesmaids’ dresses.”

9. “Paying for wedding cars is a pointless expense. We got ready at the venue, then just hired a van to take us to photo locations. The maid of honor’s husband drove us around including the photographer, and he’d packed an esky full of drinks and snacks for us. Saved thousands.”

10. “The bride and groom should cover all costs for the bridal party (clothes, shoes, accessories, hair, makeup, tanning) and if they can’t afford to do that, don’t have a bridal party.”

11. “You lose your right to complain about housing affordability if you spend $30,000 plus on a wedding.”

12. “Hens and bucks nights don’t make sense to me. I’d rather just have a big engagement party with all of our friends.”

13. “I ditched a bridal party, walking down the aisle, the bride having to stay hidden before the ceremony, garter or bouquet toss and first dance. I felt like our friends and family being there in one big group was our bridal party, I caught up with everyone as they arrived just as my husband did, then we all partied on for the night without having to stop for games or dances.If my friend didn’t make one for us, I wouldn’t have had a cake either!”

14. “I’m not a fan of parents ‘giving their children away’ or ‘presenting’ them.”

15. “Get af**k it bucket. Put everything in there you and your partner do not care about like tossing the bouquet, favors, cake if you don’t like cake (hubby and I don’t eat dessert so we had cheese instead), negative people and anything else you don’t want.”

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16. “I don’t like the idea that it’s all about the bride. The other person getting married deserves all the attention too, so do all the people who are standing there with you. It’s a community event, not a solo expedition. “


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