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5 viral wedding videos that left people in breakups in 2021

Viral wedding videos

Key highlights

  • A wedding horse has run away with a groom in the village of Rampura near Ajmer, Rajasthan
  • A desi groom was more excited than the bride to have makeup done
  • A newly married couple arrived in their village with an excavator after their wedding

Wedding party videos go viral on social media every other day. From brides and grooms having tantrums while preparing for their special day to hilarious incidents that happen during wedding rituals, we’ve seen them all.

2021 was a year of fun wedding videos. Let’s take a look back at the 5 best wedding viral videos that people left in breakups this year:

Ghodi runs away with his groom

Video of a wedding horse running away with the groom in the village of Rampura near Ajmer, Rajasthan, went viral in July. The groom was waiting to enter the wedding hall when a bang startled the mare. The horse got out of control and ran away with the groom sitting on his back.

The groom tried to get off his horse, but failed. The Baraat followed the groom for four kilometers in their cars and motorcycles. Fortunately, the groom was unharmed and was safely returned to the wedding venue.

The man’s hilarious comment on helicopter weddings

Another wedding video that went viral from Rajasthan was a man’s hilarious comment on helicopter weddings.

The man began his comment by saying this explains what helicopter weddings are. “Yeh vikas aur pragati ka paryayvachi maana gaya hai,” he said.

When the camera panned a cow, he gave the comment a hilarious twist and said, “Yahaan gai bhi jaldi-jaldi apna doodh nikalwaane jaa rahi hai taaki wo bhi waapas aake helicopter ko udta hua dekhe.”

Watch the video here:

He also spoke of a “designer Oont (camel)” who had dressed up as a bride for the historic moment.

He added, “Rajasthan ke Ratangadh me monsoons ke machhar ki tarah udta hua helicopter. Shekhawati ki chidiyaaon me hua inferiority complex.”

When the groom said: ‘Mai Karaunga make-up pehle’

A video of a desi groom excited to get his makeup done before the bride went viral on social media in October.

“Larkiyan makeup karati hain toh larke kyu na karayein? Maine toh saaf bol du … Mai toh karaunga,” said the groom to the makeup artist.

The bride begged the groom to have her ready, but he was determined to look his best.

Pakistani bride and groom arrive in the village with an excavator

A newly married couple from Pakistan chose an excavator to arrive at their village after their wedding. A video of the couple in wedding attire while standing on the bucket of the excavator caused laughter on social media in October. A user had jokingly commented: “Construction ka dhula”.

The video allegedly came from the Hunza Valley in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan.

Bridal couples fall down during the romantic dance step

A video of a bride and groom falling during a romantic dance step leaves Internet users with a balancing act. The video showed them staring into each other’s eyes while dancing. However, when the bride leaned into the groom’s arms for the classic romantic step, she lost her balance and fell with the groom.

“Falling in love. Not exactly the final I had in mind. I’m not sure if he got the job done! I’m not sure if I cared. I can’t really blame him with all of his 5’9 muscles + Galia Lahav weight. I just know that I had it “the time of my life, couldn’t stop laughing and poor David was / is still humiliated,” the bride captioned the video.


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