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Bride spends wedding night in hospital after dancefloor incident

A new bride dislocated her shoulder dancing with her husband at their wedding. Evelyn McCool spent the night in hospital after the accident with husband Peter McCappin, reports The Mirror.

The accident happened after the band announced a dance-off between the bridge and groom. Evelyn said: “Before midnight, the band announced a bride and groom dance-off. Tossing my wedding train over my left arm and cheered by guests, I gave it all I had. Peter is competitive but I wasn’t going to let him win.”

IT worker Evelyn slipped, put out her left arm to break her fall and instantly knew she was in trouble. She said: “My shoulder was just hanging there. In a panic, I moved as fast as I could into the corridor, clutching my useless arm with my right hand.

Evelyn was left in pain and spent the night in the hospital. “The hospital staff were lovely. One nurse popped in from another ward to congratulate me and others asked if they could lift the blanket to see my dress!”

The couple left hospital at 5am. Evelyn, of Moira, near Belfast, said: “Everyone wants a memorable big day… ours really was.”

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