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Brighton welcomes electric vehicle rally from London

DOZENS of innovative electric vehicles will line the seafront this weekend, as the London to Brighton rally gets underway.

More than 75 different modes of electric transport will make the trip from Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens in London tomorrow, arriving in Madeira Drive later in the day.

The event tomorrow will see solar-powered cars, self-builds, and even an electric plane following the route to the city.

It is the second time the electric vehicle rally has been held, after last year’s event was an “unprecedented success”.

Tom Druitt is the CEO of The Big Lemon buses in Brighton, which has many electric vehicles in its fleet.

More than 75 electric vehicles will take part

He is also the event’s co-founder, and said there are “big things in store for the day”.

“We now have a bigger and better event to look forward to tomorrow,” he said.

“The aim of the event is to demonstrate and celebrate the rapid development of electric vehicles and renewable energy technology and have a fun day in the process.

“We have some very interesting vehicles in our self-build category, and we will be celebrating afterwards with an awards ceremony and after-party at Elm House, University of Brighton.”

Awards will be handed out for the most efficient vehicles in each class, and for the most innovative and sustainable designs.

The Argus: Tom Druitt with a Big Lemon busTom Druitt with a Big Lemon bus

The London to Brighton event was the first fully-electric vehicle rally to take place in England, and showcases the “latest in electric vehicle and solar technology” in the transport industry.

This year’s event is partnered with popular YouTube channel Fully Charged, whose shows are presented by TV star Robert Llewellyn – who featured in Red Dwarf, and Channel 4’s Scrapheap Challenge.

The rally leaves London at 7am, and will stop at Ifield Community College, West Sussex, at 8am, then on to Madeira Drive in Brighton for 10am.

All electric vehicles will remain on display until 2pm.

Spectators are invited to check out the vehicles in Madeira Drive, and Brighton beach’s E-village, which encourages people to explore an “electric way of life”.

There will be interactive stands, live music, and displays from leading electric vehicle companies, as well as a test track.


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