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Charles Hurst marks Earth Day with a £ 3.5 million investment in electric and hybrid vehicles

Charles Hurst says the company will lead by example in a new, greener economy

Charles Hurst Group, Northern Ireland’s largest car dealer, today announced an investment of over £ 3.5 million in a sustainable business transformation into a corporate fleet of all-electric and hybrid vehicles for employees and an extensive charging infrastructure program.

The £ 3.5m investment means one in three of the company’s entire fleet of company and demonstration vehicles is now either fully electric or hybrid. The overall package includes an investment of £ 200,000 in the charging infrastructure at all eight customer locations, bringing the total number of charging points to over 80.

As one of Northern Ireland’s largest employers and investors with 900 employees in eight locations, the Top 100 Company confirmed its investment in Earth Day, an annual day designed to encourage people around the world to take positive steps towards a more sustainable future.

The UK will be the first nation within the G7 to ban the sale of gasoline and diesel vehicles as the government plans to end sales of new cars and vans that run on traditional fuels by 2030.

The company’s Group Operations Director said the investment is a sign of the company’s determination to lead by example as new climate change laws go through the Northern Ireland Assembly setting ambitious emissions reduction targets for the economy.

Jeff McCartney, Group Operations Director, said:

“This £ 3.5 million investment in our electric and hybrid vehicle fleet and infrastructure, approximately one third of our total corporate fleet, is an expression of our commitment to realizing our shared vision of a greener and more sustainable economy here in Northern Ireland.

Recently published research suggests that average “lifetime” emissions from electric cars are up to 30% lower than those from gasoline cars in the UK. However, that number will improve as the country switches to cleaner energy sources.

Research by Charles Hurst also shows that a customer switching from a Nissan Qashqai to an all-electric Nissan Leaf, for example, would see an approximate cost saving of nearly £ 100 per month on ongoing vehicle costs and over £ 4,000 over the previous year’s cost for ownership .

“Our industry plays an important leadership role, not only because of the ambitious and welcome goals set for the adoption of electric vehicles to replace diesel and gasoline, but also because we have the opportunity to lead by example by companies too.

“We know the evidence suggests that not only is electric vehicles critical to meeting climate change goals, but households can save thousands of pounds in cost over time.”

The newly purchased fleet includes a number of the most popular electric vehicle brands such as the Peugeot e2008 and the Jaguar I-Pace. However, the wider range for Northern Irish motorists includes 16 brands from across the range with an electric or hybrid offering, including 88 different electric or hybrid models and hundreds of derivatives for customers to choose from.

The Charles Hurst Group is Northern Ireland’s largest car dealer. A division of Lookers plc, one of the UK’s major automotive retail and distribution groups. Charles Hurst represents 22 automobile brands in eight locations and offers customers across Ireland the most comprehensive selection of new and used vehicles, parts and services.


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