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Couple’s £11,000 dream Mexico wedding in tatters as TUI won’t confirm date of ceremony

Johan Lequellenec and fiancee Naomi Gilham are due to fly out to Mexico in weeks but don’t know if there wedding will actually go ahead

The couple worry the wedding won’t go ahead

A bride and groom who have spent £11,000 on a dream wedding in Mexico have claimed that TUI has still not given them a date for the big day – despite flying out this month.

Johan Lequellenec and fiancee Naomi Gilham have been waiting over three years to tie the knot after having their previous bookings canceled due to Covid.

The couple, from St Helens, Merseyside, already had their wedding at Azul Beach Resort Riviera in Cancun, Mexico, canceled twice due to the pandemic.

Now, although they fly to the resort on March 27, the couple claim they still haven’t been given their actual wedding date by TUI.

Former welder Johan, 36, and health carer Naomi, 32, have been unable to make basic arrangements for the wedding, such as hiring a photographer.

Dad-of-three Johan has now lost faith that the holiday company has even arranged the event after struggling to get anywhere with TUI staff in store and on the phone.

Naomi Gilham and Johan Lequellenec

Speaking today, he said: “We are so stressed right now, it’s not something we can pay for again if it doesn’t go ahead.

“We’ve been to the Liverpool store and the woman that’s been helping us has been great.

“She’s tried all sorts and is as disgusted as us.

“The CEOs and directors aren’t bothered and the wedding team just tells us to wait.

“We can’t afford for it not to go ahead. We’ve put every penny we own into it.

“No one at weddings will speak to us directly and no one really seems bothered.

“It’s even caused arguments between us.

Azul Beach Resort Riviera in Cancun, Mexico

“We paid for a planned wedding for a stress free experience, a once in a lifetime trip for us but it has been nothing but stress.”

Johan hit out at TUI on social media on Sunday by sharing a screenshot of a letter from the organization saying there had been a problem with their booking.

He wrote: “So we’ve had a wedding booked for three years with TUI (it’s in four weeks time) and still have no date of when it’s going to happen.

“The store has done its very best to deal with it, but the director, CEOs, and the wedding team couldn’t care less.

“Before booking your wedding with TUI just think about this post.”

Azul Beach Resort Riviera in Cancun, Mexico

When told by a TUI rep to contact the store that they booked the TUI holiday through directly, he responded: “TUI they have done.

“The woman that has been dealing with us has done all she can but no one to complain to at weddings.

“We leave in less than four weeks after being booked three years ago and no wedding date, nothing has been organized for our wedding at all.”

A TUI spokeswoman told the Mirror: “It can take up to eight weeks from us receiving a fully completed and signed wedding contract and customers receiving confirmation of their wedding date.

“This is clearly communicated and included in the wedding contract.

“We received the customers’ contract on January 16 and can reassure them that our wedding team will be in touch in the coming days, within our standard eight week turnaround.”

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