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Cousin disappears with the car after the wedding

A case of theft against a family member opened at the Witbank Police Station after a vehicle was allegedly stolen after a family wedding.

Ms. Portia Gumebe and her family live in Boksburg and visited their sister in Reyno Ridge on Saturday April 10th.

On the same day, they attended a wedding in Tasbet Park and drove back to Reyno Ridge at around 10:00 p.m. after the wedding.

Gumebe’s husband asked his cousin, who was also attending the wedding, to park three of the vehicles with his grandmother, also in Reyno Ridge.

Two of the vehicles were parked safely overnight and the third car, a Ford Fiesta, was gone the next day. “We tried to call the family member who had to park the cars several times, but he didn’t answer,” Gumebe told WITBANK NEWS.

Netstar Tracker was called to allow Gumebe to locate the car and they were informed that the car was in Zamokuhle, Hendrina. “My husband went with my brother to pick up the car in Hendrina and saw his cousin when he arrived. He had three passengers and decided to drive off when he saw my husband, ”said Gumebe.

He was chased down Hendrina / Arnot Road; he did not stop and raced on. “My husband then stopped chasing him because it became more dangerous for both the other drivers on the road,” Gumebe continued.

Netstar was called again so Gumebe could get information about the direction and location of the car and was informed that the vehicle was on its way to Belfast on Carolina Road.

Netstar called Gumebe about 45 minutes later (this was around 11:30 am) and told them the car was parked near a bush on R33 Carolina / Belfast Road.

“My husband and brother then drove to this place and when they got closer they saw the cousin kneeling and trying to jack up the car so he could change the tires. He saw them drive towards him and the car and then ran into the bushes, ”said Gumebe.

The car was found damaged and it looked like it crashed into something as both front tires were found damaged. The entire body of the car was covered in scratches and dents, and the plastic around the gear lever was loose. “It looks like he and his friends tried to remove the tracking device.

Clothes and two handbags that were in the trunk of the car were stolen.

The insurance company was called and notified; They sent a tow truck to pick up the car.

“A car theft case has opened and the case is under investigation,” concluded Gumebe.

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