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Crew members of the RNLI lifeboat rush to the emergency rescue during the wedding ceremony

A picture posted from the page of a lifeboat station captured the moment Luke Gist and Jamie Dawkins in suits and ties arrived after receiving the distress signal.

The men from Clovelly Lifeboat Station in Devon had been at Luke’s sister’s wedding when her pager noticed an incident.

The couple soon rushed back to the train station to remove their wedding attire and drysuits before rushing to the crime scene.

The incident occurred on Saturday, September 18, in which a woman is believed to have fallen on the rocks and was seriously injured.

The lifeboat station posted a before and after picture and said, “When the pagers go off, it doesn’t matter who you get married on.

“Fortunately, that wasn’t the bridegroom!”

Describing the sequence of events, Luke said, “I and Jamie attended my sister’s wedding at Woolsery Church, where my son Noah was a page boy with his cousin.

“We had just seen them walk down the aisle warming our voices to the first anthem ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ when the pagers started singing their own song.

“We got to the station and I and Jamie along with two crew members were helping the Coast Guard team carry a woman with an ankle injury from a pebble embankment that was soon to be covered by the tide.

The men were from Clovelly Lifeboat Station in Devon

“When we got back to the wedding, we missed the whole ceremony.

“Fortunately, my new brother-in-law is a firefighter and my sister is first responder, so the sound of a pager ruining a family event isn’t unusual.

“Everyone on the ward wishes the injured woman a speedy recovery.”

Simon Best, whose wife was rescued by the crew, commented on Facebook to thank the wedding guests.

He said, “Hey guys, I just wanted to say a big thank you for coming to the wedding today to help my wife who fell on the rocks.

“Your support has been incredible.

“She has a broken ankle and significant ligament damage and will have an operation tomorrow morning.

“Fortunately, the medication is working and she is fine.

“Thank you again and I hope you can enjoy the rest of the wedding and the festivities tonight.”

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