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Driver saves the day by giving hitchhiking bride a lift to her wedding: ‘She was 45 minutes late’

Illustration. Photographed by Tony Anderson

  • A bride who was running 45 minutes late for her wedding was spotted on the road asking for a lift.
  • Everyone passed her until a good Samaritan helped her out.
  • She made it to her wedding and people online thought she could have been more grateful.

Driver, Marksteen Adamson, saw a bride who was asking for a lift, on the side of the road in London. He took a video of the incident and said ‘yeah sure I can give you a lift.’

Marksteen was on his way to a reunion when he noticed the bride. “When I saw her, other cars were just passing her, she looked really distressed,” he says.

The bride told Marksteen that three rideshares had been canceled on her and the person who is seen holding her train in the viral video, and her sister waited.

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“I’m late for church,” the bride says in the video captured by Marksteen. They drove off in Marksteen’s Land Rover and headed for Holy Trinity Brompton Church which is about 10 or 14 minutes away.

“Please hurry up,” she asked and this made commenters on social media think that the bride wasn’t nearly grateful enough. When Marksteen was asked about it, he responded by saying, “I know but wouldn’t you? I mean she was 45 minutes late. All she’s thinking is, my husband is waiting for me.”

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Upon arriving at the church Marksteen asked for her name and she said she’s Anastasia. Many people shared their opinions about the situation, with some saying, “This is like something out of a rom-com.” When the bride told the vicar that the gentlemen picked her up on the road, he said, ‘No, on the road?’

That made commenters want a relationship with the vicar with one saying, “I want to marry the vicar.”

The good Samaritan driver was invited to the wedding, but he declined saying he was late for his reunion with friends. “Have a fantastic wedding,” he said.

He then headed off to his reunion after enabling this union and somehow the whole thing went down without anyone singing ‘Get me to the church on time!’ By Alfred Doolittle.


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