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Electric vehicle charging points in Lancashire’s first community pub

Community organizations have teamed up to install new charging stations for electric vehicles in a village pub.

The Dog Inn in Belthorn, Lancashire’s first community pub, now has two new fast charging stations for residents and visitors.

The new additions were installed by Charge my Street, a Lancaster-based social enterprise, and officially opened earlier this month.

The groundbreaking additions are aimed at residents who do not have charging points at home and can also be used by visitors who want to charge while in the village.

Residents can charge their vehicles based on usage or with a monthly energy package from £ 20 per month. Please visit the Charge My Street website for more information.

Yvonne Brown, President of the Community Association, said, “I suggested the site through the Charge My Street website because Belthorn residents have no off-street parking and therefore have nowhere to charge their future electric vehicles.

“I suggested our village pub in the community because I wanted to attract more sustainable customers for the village and the pub.

“Since the pub is run jointly, Charge My Street is also a not-for-profit organization. It’s our way of giving back to the community. The charging points are now installed and the community can use them. “

Daniel Heery, Director of Charge my Street said, “There are now two charging stations within a five-minute walk of many of Belthorn’s row houses, so it’s easier than ever to switch to an electric car.

“It was fantastic to work with The Dog Inn Pub on this installation.

“They have shown a real desire to do something for their community, and it has been evident across the board.

“So many of the big charging companies have focused on installing charging stations at motorway service stations or in larger cities. This completely neglects those of us who live in villages or in row houses and just want to park their electric vehicle somewhere to charge it overnight.

“The more charging stations like this one are installed in communities like this one, the more people will be able to switch from their gasoline / diesel cars to an electric vehicle, reduce CO2 emissions and save money.”

In 2030, the sale of new gasoline and diesel cars will be banned and people will have to use alternative modes of transport instead.

For many rural residents, a car is the only viable option for commuting. A robust charging infrastructure is therefore an essential part of the future.

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